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FlashPro Quick Start


Introductory Videos (requires Internet Connection)

FlashPro Introduction
Getting Started
Race Calibration
Datalogging and Air/Fuel ratios



Install the FlashProManager software.
Start FlashProManager and check for updates.
Connect the FlashPro to your computer and install USB drivers
From FlashProManager open the 'FlashPro' window.
Fill out your owner information and save to the FlashPro.
Register your FlashPro with Hondata.


Connect your FlashPro to your vehicle

Read the installation warnings.
Locate the vehicle OBDII/diagnostic port, and plug in the FlashPro.
Switch on the ignition by do not start the engine.
Lock your FlashPro to your vehicle.


Create a new calibration

Start FlashProManager and open the New Calibration window.
Select your ECU type.
Select a starting calibration based on your engine modifications.
Save and name your calibration.


Reflash your ECU

Make sure the ignition is switched on but the engine is not running.
Select Upload to reflash your ECU.
Once the flash process has finished, start your engine.


Datalog your ECU

Using a laptop, press F9 to record a datalog from your vehicle.
Save the datalog from the Datalog menu.
Open the graph window.  Select a graph template.


Tune your ECU

See the tuning guide.


Within the USA this product is legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a public highway.