Locking to a Vehicle

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To lock the FlashPro to the current vehicle select Lock to Vehicle from the Online menu.




The FlashPro must be locked to a vehicle before calibrations are uploaded from the FlashPro to the ECU.


Selling your vehicle

If you sell your vehicle the FlashPro must be unlocked before you sell it.  Hondata can not unlock the FlashPro after you sell the vehicle.


If your vehicle or ECU is damaged

If either your vehicle or ECU is damaged, then Hondata will need both the FlashPro and ECU in order to make any repairs and/or unlock the FlashPro from the ECU.  Hondata can not unlock the FlashPro without both the FlashPro and ECU.



Carefully read and understand the information shown in the Lock FlashPro window before locking your FlashPro to your vehicle.