Owner Information & Registration

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Owner information may entered in order to identify your FlashPro and for product registration with Hondata.  Owner Information is entered from the Registered Owner tab of the FlashPro window.


If you set a security password then the owner information may only be altered with the correct password.




Make sure that your email address is entered correctly as this is required to retrieve a lost security password.


This information is used for product recall and update notices, and any other circumstances which would require Hondata to contact the FlashPro owner.


If your contact details have changed you may update your registration details with Hondata.


Privacy and security notes:

Information sent to Hondata is encrypted before transmission.
Only owner information and FlashPro information (such as serial number) is sent.
Hondata will not use the owner's information for marketing.
Hondata will not provide third parties with owner's information.