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FlashProManager can datalog in two ways:


To a laptop via USB.
On board datalogging to internal memory.


Datalog Files

Datalog files have the extension .fpdl, and normally are associated with FlashProManager so that double-clicking on a datalog file will open the datalog in FlashProManager.  If the file extension association does not work then open the Settings dialog and check 'Associate calibration and datalog files with FlashProManager'.


About Datalogs

FlashProManager uses frames to datalog. A frame is like a snapshot of all sensor values taken at one point in time. The number of datalog frames and datalog length is shown below the menu bar in the main window.  In each frame, all sensors are datalogged.


Note that some sensor values are not datalogged if the engine is not running.


Automatically Saving Datalogs

Datalogs may be automatically saved when recording finishes.  See datalog autosave.