FlashPro Window

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The FlashPro window displays information about the FlashPro when connected to the laptop.




The FlashPro tab shows information about the FlashPro and ECU.  Also see EPA/CARB Restriction



The Calibration tab shows the calibrations which are on the FlashPro.  Calibrations can be uploaded, downloaded or removed from the FlashPro.

Note that the calibration on the FlashPro is not the same as uploading a calibration to the ECU.  The presence or non-presence of a calibration on the FlashPro does not necessarily indicate what calibration the ECU has been reflashed with.





The datalogging tab shows datalogs stored on the FlashPro.  See On board datalogging.


Registered Owner

The registered owner tab allows user details to be entered into the FlashPro, and the registration of the FlashPro with Hondata. See Owner Information.



With the FK2/FK8 FlashPro the jailbreak status is shown.



Displays a list of FlashPro serial numbers which have been connected to the computer.  This list is saved so that if a FlashPro is lost or stolen there is a record of the serial number and VIN it was locked to. This list is only saved on the local computer and may be cleared.



Has information about the Bluetooth status of the FlashPro.  See Bluetooth