On board datalogging

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On board datalogging

The FlashPro can datalog to internal memory without the use of a laptop.  The datalog can then be downloaded into FlashProManager at a later date.


To datalog:


Connect the FlashPro to the vehicle diagnostic port.
Switch on the ignition / start the engine.
Press the FlashPro Datalog button.


The Datalog light will indicate the FlashPro is datalogging.


Downloading Datalogs from FlashPro


Connect the FlashPro to the computer.
Open the FlashPro window (Window menu or toolbar)
Select the datalog you wish to download, and then either right click or click on the download button.




Once datalogs are downloaded into FlashPro it is recommended that they are saved onto the computer.


Datalogging Rate


The datalogging rate can be varied to give a longer recording capability.




The approximate maximum recording time is 7.5 hours (Fast) and 21 hours (Slow).