The FlashPro

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The FlashPro



Indicator Lights


Power light

The power light indicates that the FlashPro has power, either from USB or from the diagnostic connector.

On - the FlashPro is either connected to the diagnostic connector or to a PC via USB.
Off - the FlashPro is disconnected or in power saving mode.


Program light

The program light indicates that the FlashPro is re-programming the vehicle ECU.

On / steady flashing - The FlashPro is re-flashing the ECU.  Do not unplug the FlashPro or switch off the vehicle ignition.


Datalog light

The datalog light either indicates the FlashPro is datalogging or indicates USB activity.

Steady flashing - the FlashPro is datalogging from the ECU to onboard memory.


USB light

The USB light indicates a valid USB connection.

On - the FlashPro is connected and USB drivers are installed and working correctly.
Off - USB is not connected or the USB drivers are not installed correctly.  See Installing USB Drivers




Program button

The program button initiates the re-programming of the vehicle ECU. See Uploading a Calibration


Datalog button

The datalog button starts and stops datalogging from the vehicle.  See On board datalogging