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Change History


V2.7.8 (10 Jan 2022)

[S300 V3] Firmware version 13
Added support for S300 types.
Fixed problem when no internet available


V2.7.7 (16 Jun 2021)

[S300 V3] Firmware version 12
Fixed ethanol percentage reading too high.
Fixed tuning via Bluetooth not connecting.
[S300 V3] Fixed CAN output not reaching 100 Hz


V2.7.6 (11 Mar 2021)

[S300 V3] Firmware version 11
[S300 V3] Fixed CAN output packet nitrous2 flag
S300 password reset now sends a reset code to the owner email or phone number


V2.7.5 (25 Feb 2020)

Fixed sensors not recording if another datalog was open
Improved datalog scroll speed
Added help menu link to Hondata Support Forum
Replaced 'Send Information to Hondata Support' with 'Send Feedback to Hondata'
Fixed problem where table sensor overlay conditions were not correctly applied.
Fixed problem where TPS trip in min/max speed would not save.
Added 'distributor error' sensor


V2.7.3 (10 Jul 2019)

Added button to create default graph templates.
Fixed closed loop long term trim value labels being switched.
Fixed field names not showing for owners details


V2.7.2 (4 Apr 2019)

Fixed exception on Windows 7 when font scaling was not 100%
Fixed empty setting combo boxes
Fixed exception when datalogging


V2.6.8 (26 Mar 2019)

Fixed closed loop minimum temperature tables not saving.
Added tabbed datalogs to the graph window
Fixed analog input outputting domain errors with negative voltage offset
Added boost compensation for flex fuel (ethanol)


V2.6.7 (23 Aug 2018)

Changed ECT disable so it will use the default ECT value upon ECU power up.


V2.6.6 (7 Nov 2017)

Improved binary download from s300v1


V2.6.5 (28 Sep 2017)

Fixed Flex Fuel fuel compensation.


V2.6.4 (26 Sep 2017)

Fixed iOS BT datalogging.


V2.6.3 (25 Sep 2017)

Fixed old datalog PWM value not showing.


V2.6.2 (22 Sep 2017)

Fixed maximum boost by speed showing as pressure, not duty.
Added scalar and offset for 7 bar MAP sensor.
Fixed MIL flashing when error codes are present.
Fixed SCS input not being ignored when SCS used for shift limiter or high/low boost control.
Fixed pointer size changing for display bar graph.


V2.6.1 (19 Sep 2017)

Fixed column tracing error when using lambda overlay when datalogging.


V2.6.0 (1 Sep 2017)

[S300 V3] Firmware version 9
[S300 V3] Added CAN output rate.
Added fuel pump prime time.
Added IAT disable.
Added ECT disable.
Added speed based rev limiter.
Added AEM 30-0310 and AEM 30-4100 wideband support to analog inputs.
Changed ethanol % so that SManager shows ethanol content when using an analog input for ethanol content.
[S300 V3] Added ethanol % to Bluetooth.
Expanded ethanol compensation tables from 4 columns to 6 columns, added open and closed loop compensation tables for fuel and ignition.
Added cranking fuel compensation by ethanol content.
Changed closed loop operation delay so that delays of over 25 seconds can be used.
Show error codes on the MIL with key on engine off, without requiring the service connector switch to be jumpered.
Added TPS error disable.
Added separate boost cuts for low and high boost levels.
Added maximum boost by speed to boost control.


V2.5.6 (1 Aug 2017)

Added language translation with Spanish translation.


V2.5.5 (10 Jan 2017)

[S300 V3] Firmware version 8
[S300 V3] Added lambda equivalence ratio to CAN packet 0x664
Added closed loop operation delay.


V2.5.4 (27 June 2016)

Fixed secondary injector dead times not saving.


V2.5.3 (24 May 2016)

Fixed staged injection parameters not saving.
Added Full Throttle Shift Parameters (seq cut input).


V2.5.2 (4 Jan 2016)

Added staged injection parameters


V2.5.1 (15 Oct 2015)

Added load based minimum water temperature compensation table
Moved fuel injector settings to new tab.


V2.5.0 (14 Sept 2015)

[S300 V3] Firmware version 7
[s300 V2/s300 V3] Added analog input conversion for the Delphi 12160855 / AEM 30-2012 fluid temperature sensor.
[s300 V3] Fixed problem where analog inputs would not datalog after upload.
[Traction Control] Firmware version 12


V2.4.4 (20 July 2015)

USB drivers updated to v1.0.3 (Microsoft Hardware Certified)
[S300 V3] Firmware version 5
[S300 V3] Added digital input ethanol content and fuel temperature to datalogging.
[S300 V3] Increased number of advanced protection inputs from 2 to 4
[s300 V2/s300 V3] Added analog input temperature sensor conversion.
Added minimum speed to full throttle shift.
Fixed digital input unit changing when datalogging.
Added injector voltage compensation (dead time) quick select.
Added closed loop minimum temperature.
Fixed ECT fuel compensation not working in open loop at times


V2.3.7 (20 Feb 2015)

Added Quick Support


V2.3.6 (10 Feb 2015)

Fixed screen scaling for DPI scaling over 150%


V2.3.5 (9 Jan 2015)

Added option to auto size the table grid.
Removed requirement to plug in the Traction Control before the Traction Control window is shown.
Added information for MoTeC dash output and Digital Input / Output Wiring.


V2.3.3 (14 May 2014)

[S300 V3] Fixed flashing red light upon power on.


V2.3.2 (18 April 2014)

[S300 V3] Fixed analog input on board datalogging


V2.3.1 (15 April 2014)

[S300 V2] Fixed calibration download


V2.3.0 (14 Mar 2014)

Added support for the S300 V3.
Added Flex Fuel ignition compensation.
[S300 V3] Added Flex Fuel direct sensor digital input.
[S300 V3] Added AiM dash and RacePak dash outputs.
[S300 V3] Bluetooth communication.
[S300 V3] Advanced engine protection.


V2.2.8 (2 Oct 2013)

Updated USB drivers (Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility
Added calibration revision number.
Removed traction control minimum speed parameter (this should be set in the traction control window)
Changed soft rev limiter so that it applies to all rev limits.
Disable lean protection when traction control is active.
Added a DDE server.
[Traction Control] Firmware 7
[Traction Control] Fixed vehicle speed determination method not showing correctly after update.
[Traction Control] Prompt to write unsaved Traction Control configuration changes when application closed.


V2.2.5 (27 Mar 2013)

Fixed problem with wideband target lambda.
Fixed closed loop max rpm not saving.
Added rev limiter by gear.
Added shift light by gear.


V2.2.4 (8 Feb 2013)

Read MAP sensor even when engine is not running.
Added test outputs function.
Added closed loop operation under boost.
Added boost control throttle compensation.
Added launch soft rev limiter.
Added more throttle tip in retard parameters.
Added valet and security parameters.
[Traction Control] Firmware 6
[Traction Control] Don't start datalogging if the Traction Control is switched off (allows for burnouts).


V2.1.5 (21 Sep 2012)

Improved Hondata Vault behaviour when searching and downloading files.


V2.1.4 (18 Sep 2012)

Require registration before Traction Control can be used.


V2.1.3 (30 Aug 2012)

Added additional inputs for traction control.
Added Hondata Vault.


V2.1.2 (8 Aug 2012)

Added tool tip window to lambda and fuel overlay.
Added Flex Fuel support.
Added support for traction control.


V2.1.1 (9 May 2012)

Added speed limiter.
Added a quick spool table to the boost control parameters.
Added a test upload function under Online->Test Upload for performing a test upload in newly installed S300 v2's without having to register them.
Changed Check For Updates to show current version number and release dates for both beta and production releases.
Changed the error report so that the user is notified if an issue has been fixed.


V2.0.0 (31 Jan 2012)

Added support for s300 v2 with analog & digital inputs and new security features.
Added boost control to JDM ECUs.


V1.6.0 (1 November 2011)

Improved datalogging/recording performance when display window is maximized.
Fixed tabs in the settings window.
Added automatic conversions to sensor display minimum and maximums, and also sensor warning minimums and maximums.
Added functionality to saving window position for multiple monitors.
Included security check to prevent saving data to Program Files to avoid virtualization problems with Windows.
Added Import/Export feature to the Sensor Settings form, the Graph Template form, and main Settings form.
Fixed bug where exception is thrown when sensor display min and max are the same value.
Added speed correction to the Parameters form under Misc.
Added a driver check entry to the status bar, a balloon hint to install the driver, and an entry in the general settings window to disable the balloon hint.
Added 2D graphs to the small tables in the Parameters form.
Added grouping and right justification to the Sensor Window.
Fixed problem where lean protection activates when using launch control.
Added a form to change and create shortcuts.


V1.5.4 (13 June 2011)

Fixed problem with Vista Virtualization when downloading from S300.


V1.5.3 (11 May 2011)

Added datalog trim functions.
Added overrun resume rpm tables.
Added Error Reporting.
Added Erase ECU command.
Added main table axis tracing.


V1.5.0 (17 January 2011)

When multiple copies of SManager are run display a warning and disable concurrent access to the S300.
Added Changed Value Highlight for tables.
Added value base color for Parameter tables.
Added Revert to last Save and Import from Calibration to Table window and Parameters window.
Added Datalog Autosave


V1.4.8 (30 July 2010)

Added Post Start Fuel Rate of Decay table.
Added option to disable the Ignition Output Error test.
Added ignition controlled idle tables.


V1.4.7 (16 April 2010)

Added cranking fuel tables.
Added an option to check for beta version updates.
Correct pressure display psi unit. (Pressure values shown in psi were incorrectly calculated high by approximately 1.2%. Existing calibrations may show corrected values ~1.2% lower, but the underlying pressure values are unchanged, and the calibration will run identically.)
Added Indicator display type.
Fixed problem which would occasionally reset ECU depending on parameter options.
Add instructions for installing a Boost Control Solenoid suppression diode.
Fixed problem where boost control duty would stay at 0% after gear shift.


V1.4.5 (8 February 2010)

Sensor window enhancements (alternating row colors to aid visibility, on/off parameters show as indicators).
Graph window enhancements (better time axis labeling, ensure sensor labels are always visible).
Table window enhancements (2D graph allows drag selection, 2D graph selects rows and columns with Shift and Ctrl clicks)
Fixed PSP input increasing idle speed when PSP input used for other purposes.
Added datalog comments.
Parameters window now scrolls.
Changed file association to work with Windows Vista / 7 security.
Allow capital I and D when editing notes.
Fixed 'Idle Speed Moving' table not showing temperature values in Celsius.
Added support for Windows Themes.
Added option to show 4 bar tables.
Added option for closed loop using wideband lambda input.
Added closed loop short term trim rate of change.
Added burnout rev limiter.


V1.4.4.1 (26 October 2009)

Fixed 1.4.4 boost control duty cycle table not saving/loading correctly.


V1.4.4 (15 October 2009)

Fixed nitrous 3 fuel & ignition load & save behaviour.
Added Ignition Dwell angle tables.
Added Injector Phase angle tables.


V1.4.3 (7 August 2009)

Added maximum speed for radiator fan override.
Added boost control solenoid frequency.
Added boost control direct duty cycle lookup.


V1.4.2 (23 June 2009)

Added MAP fuel overrun cutoff table.
Fixed boost control duty pressure value conversion when reading old calibrations.
Fixed nitrous3 maximum speed edit.
Fixed access violation when closing a datalog recording.


V1.4.1 (11 March 2009)

Moved application files to user's local data directory to stop Vista Virtualization
Added datalog and error code prompts.
Added option to disable the screen saver when datalogging.
Added ignition retard to strain gauge based full throttle shift.
Added the option to force the radiator fan on at a temperature.
Added maximum speed to nitrous conditions.
Fixed AC switch increasing idle speed when AC switch used for other purposes.


V1.4.0 (20 November 2008)

Added default graph templates.
Added display templates.
Added calibration compare function.
Added Winqual certified USB drivers.


V1.3.9 (28 August 2008)

Added 5000Hz and 8000Hz warning sounds to the display.
Fixed Voltage/Lambda conversion table behaviour when using lambda units.


V1.3.8 (1 August 2008)

Added Email command to the file menu.


V1.3.7 (17 July 2008)

Added right mouse button graph zoom.
Added overrun cutoff TPS and delay settings.
Added strain gauge full throttle shift input.
Fixed service connector light not flashing when service connector switch is jumpered.


V1.3.6 (7 May 2008)

Fixed wideband lambda setting entry


V1.3.5 (1 May 2008)

Fixed gear ratios changing to 0 when selected from list


V1.3.4 (2 March 2008)

Firmware version 1.04
Added boost control by rpm and gear.
Added 'Adjust' to parameter tables.
Added proportional table tracing.


V1.3.3 (17 January 2008)

Fixed injector duty cycle showing over 100%
Added scroll bars to Display window.


V1.3.2 beta (20 December 2007)

Enhanced display window.
Added check for inadvertent secondary table editing.
Fixed auto-tune adjustment when using TPS based table indexing.
Added RDX and Omnipower MAP sensors.


V1.3.1 (6 November 2007)

Added sensor value cursor display to graph.
Fixed open loop operation.


V1.3.0 (25 October 2007)

Added fuel overrun cutoff rpm / TPS table.
Added moving idle speed vs coolant temperature.
Added calculate overall fuel trim based on fuel pressure and displacement changes.
Added Wideband Lambda Parameters.
Added overheating protection.
Added lean protection.
SManager now prompts to save unsaved datalogs when closing.


V1.2.9 (August 2007)

Added high water temperature ignition compensation table.
Added injector voltage compensation table.
Added additional IAB output.


V1.2.8 (July 2007)

Fixed some ignition retard settings not saving.


V1.2.7 (27 April 2007)

Firmware version 1.03
In the display window knock voltage has been changed to knock retard.
Fixed secondary tables cutting out under some circumstances.
Improved on board datalogging when memory is full and also externally datalogging.


V1.2.6 (27 Mar 2007)

Added Windows Vista USB driver install procedure.


V1.2.5 (23 Mar 2007)

Added the option to disable the VTEC spool error check.
Application is now digitally signed by Hondata.


V1.2.4 (7 Mar 2007)

Removed advance/retard nitrous ignition selection (retard is now entered as a negative number).
Fixed nitrous outputs not switching on under some circumstances.


V1.2.3 (18 Jan 2007)

Fixed high/low boost control not working correctly on low boost.
Added 'Test USB' function.
Added a VTEC output for non-VTEC ECUs.
Added Graph default display size in Settings;General.
In the Parameters window split 'IAT Compensation' and 'ECT Compensation' into 'Fuel Compensation' and 'Ignition Compensation'.
Clarified TPS range buttons (renamed from 'Set' to 'Read')


V1.2.2 (12 Dec 2006)

Added the ability to insert & delete table rpm and load indexes.


V1.2.1 (4 Dec 2006)

Added analog input 2 (pin B6).
Added nitrous output (pin A10).
Increased speed of launch limiter.


V1.2.0 (8 Nov 2006)

Fixed documentation of analog input (incorrectly documented as B6, actually is D12)
Remove minimum ignition timing limit
Prevent starting calibrations from being overwritten.
Datalog TPS when engine is not running.
Added kph/mph unit to the datalogging stop speed.
Added minimum and maximum water temperature to the nitrous outputs.


V1.1.9 (16 Oct 2006)

Added 12 supercharged and turbocharged calibrations.
Improved copy and paste between parameter tables.
Allow very long notes.


V1.1.8 (16 Sep 2006)

Added third nitrous output.
Added FANC (radiator fan output) to nitrous outputs.
Added ALTC (alternator control output) to nitrous outputs.
Added 'Set Ignition Timing' function.
Added an auxiliary analog input.
Added secondary tables.
Limit first and last water and air temperature compensation table index values.
Allow multi-line notes.
Changed the positions of Parameter window tabs so they move around less.
Added open and closed loop ECT correction.
Added TPS recalibration.
Added a base calibration for ITBs.
Fixed USB datalogging when simultaneously on-board datalogging and datalogging memory is full


V1.1.7 (14 Aug 2006)

Added invalid file check when loading.
Improved calibration save/reload.


V1.1.6 (10 Aug 2006)

Added boost controller PWM output.
Added IAT ignition compensation.
Added ECT ignition compensation.


V1.1.5 (19 May 2006)

Added S300J support.
Allow KManager and SManager to connect to ECUs simultaneously
Improved importing s200 calibrations using a 5 bar MAP
Improved data integrity when downloading from the ECU which was uploaded with an old SManager version


V1.1.4 (4 April 2006)

Improved upload to recognize when ECU has been swapped.


V1.1.3.0 (3 Mar 2006)

Added P61 base calibration
In Datalog Download enabled the 'Delete All', so that the datalog memory can be reset.
Fixed Water and Dual Boost outputs so that unused conditions are not evaluated
Fixed boost cut


V1.1.2.0 (3 Feb 2006)

Added the option to invert the purge valve output
Fixed 2d & 3d graphs not showing the table selection
Added ECT and IAT correction to datalogging
Fixed invert purge setting not being saved



Fixed nitrous2 maximum rpm not saving



Added adjustable voltage offset for the wideband lambda conversion.
Added additional MAP sensor details
Added additional sensor overlay features
Added fuel overrun cutoff rpm
Added increase / decrease current cell
Added additional water temperature correction tables



Fixed ECT & nitrous fuel/ignition tables not saving/reloading



Fixed help file not always displaying
Fixed clear lambda not clearing values from tables



Fixed wideband configuration not saving 'custom' setting.
Added Techedge to the list of widebands.
Fixed sensor display minimum/maximum not being used for graphs.
Added lambda overlay and 'Clear Lambda Highlighting' menu option.



Fixed injectors cutting out early for non-stock MAP sensors upon overrun conditions.



Fixed purge valve operation so that it only operates above 2000 rpm and 10% throttle to prevent starting issues with OBDII vehicles.



Firmware V1.01
Fixed erratic boost cut and rev limit
Added lambda to display window
ELD can be used as the lambda input



Fixed duty cycle display
Corrected table values in stock calibrations
Added an option in settings to set the temperature unit for the idle, water and air temperature compensation tables.
Fixed fuel pump and purge control valve sensor values.
Fixed lambda settings incorrectly saving.



Fixed behaviour of table selection buttons & graph selection buttons.
Fixed boost cut when MIL



First β version.