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FlashPro Security

Your FlashPro has two levels of security to help identify and prevent theft of the FlashPro.


Owner Information can be password protected.  This prevents the owner information and registration details from being altered without the security password.


An option may be set requiring the security password before uploading calibrations to the FlashPro.  This prevents the FlashPro from being used without the security password, and also prevents the FlashPro from being unlocked from the current vehicle.


Vehicle Security

Additional vehicle security features


The vehicle immobilizer cannot be disabled using FlashPro.  This prevents the use of the FlashPro to help start stolen vehicles.


A FlashPro may only be locked to a vehicle which does not have a FlashPro locked to it already.  This prevents the use of a FlashPro on a stolen vehicle which had a FlashPro previously.



If your FlashPro is stolen please contact Hondata with details about the theft, including the FlashPro serial number.