Main Window

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The main window contains a number of child windows which allow you to edit the current ECU calibration, record and play back datalogs.



FlashPro Status

The FlashPro status is shown on the bottom left of the application window.


Driver - ticked if the FlashPro USB driver is installed.
FlashPro - ticked if the FlashPro is plugged into the USB port.
OBDII - ticked if the FlashPro is plugged into the vehicle OBDII port.
ECU - ticked if the vehicle ignition is on, and the FlashPro can communicate with the ECU.
Locked - shows if the FlashPro is locked or unlocked.
Live - ticked if live tuning is enabled.
Datalog - shows when datalogging from the ECU.
Record - shows when recording from the ECU.
Modified - indicates that the current calibration has been editing in some way.