FK8 full throttle shift and anti lag

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Full Throttle Shift

The FK8 full throttle shift works as for other vehicles - the injectors are cut when a) the clutch is depressed b) the rpm is over the set value and c) the throttle angle is over the set angle.

The clutch switching point is determined by the ECU to be where the clutch starts to disengage, and has anti-hysteresis where it will cut at a higher point when depressed than the re-activation point when the clutch is released.  This is necessary to ensure a smooth shift.

Since the rate of rpm fall is slower than the time it takes to shift, you can use full throttle shift at part throttle to shift without releasing the throttle.  eg use settings of 2500 rpm and 20 % throttle.




Anti Lag

Anti lag works when a) the cruise control is switched off b) the rpm is over 2000 rpm and c) the cruise control cancel button is pressed.  The rpm limit value used is the rpm when the cancel switch is first pressed.


For launch control bring the rpm up to you launch rpm and hold the cruise control cancel button.  The rpm will be limited to the point when the button was pressed.


For rolling anti-lag press and hold the cancel button.  Boost will build if you apply throttle.  Release the cancel button to remove the anti lag.


Note that ignition retard is used to control the engine rpm.  This will build a lot of heat in the exhaust system.  Do not use with a catalytic converter, and only use for a few seconds at a time.




Target load allows you to set the target boost when using anti-lag (as air charge percentage - a little lower than kPa).


NOTE: For Chinese Turbo Civics, the anti-lag feature will be enabled by pressing the rear defrost button and then disabled by pressing it once more.