FK8 Flex Fuel

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The FK8 can use a flex fuel input on on ECT2.  You will need a ethanol content analyzer or gauge that has an analog output.  The analog output is connected to the ECT2 input.




Ethanol percentage converts the analog input into an ethanol percentage.


Ethanol fuel multiplier is the fuel compensate table based on ethanol percentage.


Ethanol ignition multiplier is the blend table for the Ethanol ignition compensation. A value of 50% means that 50% of the ignition value from the Ethanol ignition multiplier table is used.


Ethanol ignition compensation is the extra ignition advance to use at 100% ethanol content (blended using the Ethanol ignition multiplier table).


Boost by ethanol limit will limit the air charge based on ethanol content in order to prevent the high pressure fuel pump from reaching 100% duty.