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Table Tracing

Both main tables and parameter tables can show which values are being used, in real time while datalogging or playing back a datalog.  The tracing can be enabled or disabled for each table type, and the color of the trace cells set.


Main Table Tracing


This selects the color of the main table (ignition & fuel) live tracing.  If proportional tracing is enabled, then the four trace cells are shaded according to the interpolation proportion.


Additionally a table axis trace may be shown on the table axis to show what values the ECU is reading. The axis trace indicator will be in center of each row or column when the datalog trace value is the same as the axis index value.  eg the axis trace indicator will appear in the middle of the '1250' rpm cell when the datalog rpm is 1250 rpm.


Autosize table grid will expand the table cells to fit the current window.  This is useful on a laptop while tuning.


Parameter Table Tracing


This enables the live tracing of lookup table in the parameter window.


Also see Proportional Tracing


Changed Value Highlight

Values in the Table Window may be highlighted to show editing changes.



Also see Changed Value Highlight


Sensor List


Show sensor warnings will change the color of display window sensor if the sensor value is outside limits.