Changing Table Index Values

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The Load and Rpm indices may be changed in the Table Window by right clicking on the load/rpm value, then entering a new value.






It is recommended to set the index values before any tuning is performed.  See below for a more detailed explanation.


Index values must always increase from the origin, but do not necessarily need to start at 0.


Load indices are shared between all tables, rpm indices are shared between all tables for the same cam lobe. Thus changing a low speed rpm value will propagate to all low speed tables.  Changing any load value will affect all tables.


When an index is changed the underlying tables are not automatically compensated for the index change. This will mean that all affected tables will not function that same as before the index change. This is why it is not recommended to alter the table indices once tuning has started.


e.g. changing the 1000 rpm index value for a fuel table



The 1000 rpm value is changed to 1100 rpm



The fuel value is now lower at 1100 rpm than before the change was made.