Lambda Overlay

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Lambda overlay allows you to over the lambda reading from datalogging over the fuel tables


You can change the Lambda Overlay either from the toolbar or the menu:




Also see the Lambda Overlay options in the Settings Window


The following overlay views are available:


Normal - displays the normal fuel and ignition tables.


Lambda - shows the recorded lambda readings on the fuel tables.




Fuel Adjustment - shows the estimated adjustment to the fuel table necessary to alter the measured lambda to meet the target lambda.




Target Lambda - shows the target lambda as entered in the Settings Window





A wide band front o2 sensor is required to obtain accurate lambda readings.
When altering the fuel tables from the Fuel Adjustment it is recommended either to set the Cam Table Edit to 'All Tables' or lock the cam angle (via the Cam Tables) to a single value and make changes to one table at a time (Cam Table Edit set to 'Single Table').  Usually 'All Tables' will work, as long the fuel tables are similar between each cam angle.
The accuracy of this estimated value depends on many factors, and generally is best used to show areas in the fuel tables which need adjustment.
Remember that altering the engine load will cause a short term change in the lambda, so make allowances for throttle tip in and similar effects.
The Fuel Adjustment valve is calculated from the theoretical change in lambda from change in fuel (the ratio of actual lambda to target lambda).  The actual change in lambda from adjusting the fuel tables is dependent on many factors, so may be slightly different from the calculated adjustment value.