Update Boot Firmware

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Prior to release 2.6.3 the FlashPro would not connect correctly to some USB3 ports some of the time.


This was fixed in 2.6.3, however, for FlashPros using earlier boot firmware (version 7 and earlier) on some UDB3 ports the normal FlashPro firmware update process many require plugging and unplugging the FlashPro multiple times.


The boot firmware can be updated, but if the FlashPro is unplugged or disturbed during the update process it will be bricked and require return to Hondata in order to fix it.  The update process only takes a few seconds.


Our recommendation is to perform the boot firmware update only if you have problems with the normal firmware update process.


If your boot firmware is 8 or above then you do not need to perform this update.  In this case, the Help menu option will not be available.