Turbocharger Parameters

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Turbocharger maximum pressure ratio



The turbocharger maximum pressure ratio table controls the maximum turbocharger discharge air pressure based on ambient air pressure.  The table axis are rpm and ambient air pressure (PA).  The table unit is pressure in bar.





There are many built in protection limits for boost based on heat build up, knock control, etc.  The 2016+ turbo charged direct injection vehicles almost never see their boost go as high as the maximum pressure ratio table.  With the new Scramble button, users have the ability to bypass the built in limits and target the maximum levels indicated by the pressure ratio table.


Scramble mode is toggled via the Res+ button on the cruise control switches.  It can only be enabled while cruise control is off and while ECON mode is off.  It is also recommend that when using this feature, the torque limit table be raised high enough that the computer does not close the throttle when in scramble mode.  Some models, like the 2017 Civic Si,  require the user to disable the P0299 turbocharger under boost error in the miscellaneous section when using this feature.


Scramble Toggle option




Since all 10th generation Civic Si's have a sports button, we have modified scramble mode to activate via the sport button on this vehicle.  Also, the option to always have scramble mode on has been added.  Simply uncheck 'Enable scramble via sport button' to have scramble always on.