Traction Control (Hardware)

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Traction control requires the addition of an interface module to the wheel speed sensors, available from Hondata as Traction Control.


Important: Before the Traction Control options will be displayed in FlashProManager, the Traction Control module needs to be plugged in while FlashProManager is running. This only needs to be done once.



Input selects the ECU input pin from the Traction Control module.


Voltage offset should be zero unless you have a wiring ground problem.


Minimum rpm determines the minimum engine speed the traction control will operate at.  Set this above idle and below the minimum speed which you would expect wheel slip.



Ignition Retard sets the amount of ignition retard when wheel slip occurs.  Values are interpolated between columns.


Light control

When enabled, this parameter will flash the alternator light when traction control is retarding ignition.