Civic 1.5T 2016+

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Supported Models






ECU Part Numbers


Civic 1.5T




5AA-A51 through 5AA-A59

5AA-L51 through 5AA-L59

5AA-A61 through 5AA-A69

5AA-L61 through 5AA-L69

5AA-A06 through 5AA-A09

5AA-A81 through 5AA-A83

5AA-L81 through 5AA-L83

5AA-A11 through 5AA-A13

5AA-A71 through 5AA-A73

5AA-L71 through 5AA-L73

5AA-A91 through 5AA-A95

5AA-L91 through 5AA-L95

5AJ-A51 through 5AJ-A53

5AJ-L51 through 5AJ-L53

5AJ-A61 through 5AJ-A63

5AJ-L61 through 5AJ-L63

5AJ-A71 through 5AJ-A75

5AJ-L71 through 5AJ-L75

5AN-A02 through 5AN-A06

5AN-A11 through 5AN-A17

5AN-A61 through 5AN-A65

5AN-L61 through 5AN-L65

5AN-952 through 5AN-955

5AN-B52 through 5AN-B55

5AN-A71 through 5AN-A76

5AN-L71 through 5AN-L76

5AN-A81 through 5AN-A86

5AN-L81 through 5AN-L86

5AN-A91 through 5AN-A96

5AN-L91 through 5AN-L96

5AN-A11 through 5AN-A14

5AN-A51 through 5AN-A56

5AN-L51 through 5AN-L56

5AN-AF1 through 5AN-AF3

5AN-LF1 through 5AN-LF3

5AN-AG1 through 5AN-AG3

5AN-LG1 through 5AN-LG3

5AN-AH1 through 5AN-AH3

5AN-LH1 through 5AN-LH3

5AN-AJ1 through 5AN-AJ4

5AN-LJ1 through 5AN-LJ4

5AN-A21 through 5AN-A22

5AN-AK1 through 5AN-AK3

5AN-LR1 through 5AN-LR3

5AN-AR1 through 5AN-AR3

5AN-LS1 through 5AN-LS3

5AN-AL1 through 5AN-AL3

5AN-A31 through 5AN-A33

5AA-C11 through 5AA-C13

5AA-C81 through 5AA-C83

5AN-C01 through 5AN-C06

5AN-C12 through 5AN-C14

5AA-C51 through 5AA-C56

5AA-C61 through 5AA-C69

5AA-C92 through 5AA-C95

5AN-C31 through 5AN-C37

5AN-C71 through 5AN-C76

5AN-C61 through 5AN-C66

5AN-CH1 through 5AN-CH3

5AN-C41 through 5AN-C42

5AN-CC1 through 5AN-CC2

5AN-CR1 through 5AN-CR2

5AN-CA1 through 5AN-CA3

5AA-X51 through 5AA-X56

5AA-X61 through 5AA-X62

5AA-X71 through 5AA-X72

5AA-K04 through 5AA-K07

5AA-K14 through 5AA-K18

5AA-K24 through 5AA-K28

5AA-K51 through 5AA-K57

5AN-K51 through 5AN-K53

5AA-K61 through 5AA-K67

5AA-K71 through 5AA-K77


5AG-PF1 through 5AA-PF2

5AA-M51 through 5AA-M53

5AA-M61 through 5AA-M62

5AA-M71 through 5AA-M72






5AG-Q61 Australia / New Zealand

5AG-Q82 Australia

5AG-Q71 Australia

5AG-U71 through 5AG-U73 Australia

5AG-S81 through 5AH-S83 Australia

5AG-QG1 through 5AH-QG2 Australia

5AF-H12 through 5AF-H16 China

5AF-H22 through 5AF-H23 China

5AF-H82 through 5AF-H86 China

5AF-H92 through 5AF-H93 China

5AF-B52 through 5AF-B56 China

5AF-B82 through 5AF-B83 China

5AF-B12 through 5AF-B13 China

5AN-E11 through 5AN-E23 Europe

5AN-E81 through 5AN-E83 Europe

5AN-E31 through 5AN-E33 Europe

5AN-EA1 through 5AN-EA2 Europe

5AG-P81 through 5AG-P84 Indonesia

5AG-P71 Indonesia

5AG-U61 through 5AG-U63 Indonesia

5AG-U51 through 5AG-U52 Indonesia

5AG-PG1 through 5AG-PG2 Indonesia

5AG-UF1 through 5AG-UF2 Indonesia

5AN-J11 through 5AN-J13 Japan

5AJ-J61 through 5AJ-J62 Japan

5AJ-J81 through 5AJ-J82 Japan

5AN-J61 through 5AN-J63 Japan

5AN-J51 through 5AN-J52 Japan

5AN-J81 through 5AN-J83 Japan

5AN-J31 through 5AN-J33 Japan

5AG-P51 through 5AG-P56 Malaysia / Pakistan

5AG-P91 through 5AG-P93 Malaysia

5AG-P61 through 5AG-P62 Malaysia

5AG-U91 through 5AG-U93 Malaysia

5AG-N81 Philippines

5AG-N71 Singapore

5AG-S51 through 5AG-S52 Singapore

5AG-S91 through 5AG-S94 Singapore

5AG-N51 South Africa

5AG-Z51 through 5AG-Z54 Thailand

5AG-Z71 through 5AG-Z72 Thailand

5AG-Z81 through 5AG-Z83 Thailand

5AG-Z91 through 5AG-Z92 Thailand

5AW-T51 through 5AW-T53 Turkey

5AW-T11 through 5AW-T13 Turkey

5AW-G41 through 5AW-G43 UK

5AW-G31 through 5AW-G33 UK

5AW-G71 through 5AW-G73 UK

5AN-G81 through 5AN-G83 UK

5AN-GJ1 through 5AN-GJ3 UK

5AW-GC1 through 5AW-GC2 UK

5AA-Y51 through 5AA-Y53 Middle East




Speed limiter removed.
Ignition, fuel, idle speed table editing.
Ignition and Fuel temperature compensation tables.
Rev and launch limiters.
AFM calibration table.
Idle Speed adjustment
Individual cylinder fuel & ignition trim.
Map tracing  & lambda overlay.
Advanced Graphing.
30 + advanced datalogging channels


To set up different power levels, enable Hondata mode and set the Economy torque table lower than the normal table then you can switch between them using the ECON switch.