Misc parameters

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These are miscellaneous parameters which do not fit into any other category.




For security reasons the immobilizer cannot be disabled.




The enables/disables VSA (vehicle stability assistance).  VSA should be enabled for all vehicles which support VSA.


EPS (Electric Power Steering)


This enables engine idle up when the steering wheel is turned.  It does not enable or disable the EPS unit.


Cruise Control


This enables/disables cruise control.


Starter relay


This enables/disables the starter motor relay controlled by the ECU.  Note that this only needs to be enabled for vehicles with push button starters.


Radiator Fan


This sets the temperature when the radiator fan switches on and back off.  The 'on' temperature should be approximately 3°C/5°F higher than the 'off' temperature.


Normally temperature reading from the second coolant temperature sensor is used to switch on the radiator fan.  This sensor is located in the bottom of the radiator and senses the return coolant temperature - which will be less than the cylinder head coolant temperature.  If you wish to use the cylinder head coolant temperature sensor to activate the radiator fan, uncheck this box.


Note that the stock thermostat starts to open at 85ºC/185ºF, and is open fully at 90ºC/195ºF. If you set the radiator fan on or off temperature below the thermostat fully open temperature then it is likely the radiator fans will always be on during normal engine operation.


Air Pump [Euro-S2000]


This enables/disables the air pump.  If enabling boost control, then disable the air pump to avoid any DTCs.