Launch Control (Adjustable)

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Adjustable launch control uses the cruise control switch to adjust the launch limiter without the need to reflash the ECU.



The launch rpm value is what is used when the ECU is first re-flashed.  If the value is altered, the new launch rpm will be retained until the battery is disconnected or the ECU re-flashed again.


To adjust the launch rpm, with the clutch depressed and vehicle stationary, use the cruise control resume and set to increase or decrease the rpm value.  The launch value will change 100 rpm per button press.  The cancel button will show the current launch rpm value on the rev counter.


Some vehicles have additional fuel and ignition settings when the launch limiter is used.  These chances are activated when the launch limiter is active (vehicle stopped, clutch depressed) and the engine speed is over a certain threshold.  The extra fuel and ignition retard can be used to help maintain turbo pressure.



Launch rpm disengage speed sets the maximum vehicle speed for the fuel and ignition changes.



The following parameters have been moved to the Anti-lag section


(Warning: Use of these parameters will build a lot of heat in the exhaust system.  Do not use with a catalytic converter, and only use for a few seconds at a time)




Launch min rpm for ignition retard and fuel enrichment sets the engine speed where the fuel and ignition is changed.  Set this below the launch rpm.  Set about the rev limiter to disable and fuel and ignition changes.


Launch rpm additional fuel sets the amount of extra fuel (in fuel units) added when the launch limiter is activated.


Launch rpm ignition retard sets the amount of ignition retard (positive values retard) when the launch limiter is activated.