Dealer FlashPro Window

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This window displays details about the Dealer FlashPro.



Dealer Details




The total number of licenses used and available are shown.


Show Licenses...

This opens a new window with details about licenses which you have used.  The Owner and License Plate details are optional details entered at any point after the FlashPro was licensed.



Purchase Licenses...

This will go to an on-line portal for the purchase of licenses.  Note that licenses can be ordered and purchased though Hondata through the normal dealer ordering process as well.




Transfer License to FlashPro

This downloads the license and transfers it to the FlashPro.


License Details



These optional details are associated with the license for your own use.


Reflash Details



Reflash details are associated with the most recent license transfer, and are optional and your own notes only.  The calibration field can be filled from the currently loaded calibration with the button.


Vehicle History

This opens a new window with optional details about the currently licensed vehicle.  A reflash record is created each time a vehicle is licensed or the license is transferred to the FlashPro - which may be less than the number of times the vehicle is actually reflashed.



The Update Details... button will update the most recent reflash record with the Calibration and Notes entry fields.