DDE Server

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FlashProManager can function as a DDE server for simple transfer for data from FlashProManager.  DDE (dynamic data exchange) is a technology that allows inter-process data transfer between two applications.  It is useful for extracting datalogging values from FlashProManager for further analysis.


Server: FlashProManager


Topic: Calibration

Item: Name

Returns the calibration name if a calibration is loaded.

Excel example: =FlashProManager|Calibration!Name


Topic: Datalog

Item: FrameCount

Returns the number of datalogging frames.  This is updated dynamically when datalogging.

Excel example: =FlashProManager|Datalog!FrameCount


Topic: Sensors

Item: Count

Returns the number of sensors.

Excel example: =FlashProManager|Sensors!Count


Item: Names

Returns an array of sensor names.

Excel example: =FlashProManager|Sensors!Names


Item: Values

Returns an array of sensor values.

Excel example: =FlashProManager|Sensors!Values


Item: Units

Returns an array of the sensor units.

Excel example: =FlashProManager|Sensors!Units


Item: sensor name

Returns an individual sensor value.  Sensor names with space should be placed inside single quotation marks.

Excel example: =FlashProManager|Sensors!'Knock Retard'


Note for Excel to display arrays the Ctrl-Shift-Enter method is used to populate a selection with a formula.


Windows Example