Calibration parameters

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You can enter the revision or version for a calibration.





The allows text notes to be saved with the calibration.




Gear Ratios

The transmission gear ratios can be set here.  This is necessary for the correct operation of cruise control if the ratios have been altered from stock.



In most vehicles the speed sensor works from the third gear countershaft.  If either the final drive or third gear is altered, but speed recorded by the ECU and sent to the dash / gauges will be incorrect.  This also occurs if a similar gear ratio is used with a different tooth count.  In this case the number of third gear countershaft teeth can be specified in order to give the correct speed reading.  Note that in many cases you still will need to use the speed adjustment to correct the dash speed.


Calibration Permissions

Calibration permissions determine the visibility of the calibration parameters and use of the calibration.  The permissions are stored in the calibration along with a password to change the permissions.



Clicking on 'Change Permissions' will prompt for a permissions password.  Note that this is different from the FlashPro security password.  There is no way to retrieve a lost calibration password.


Do not show tables & parameters

Hides the tables and parameters.  The values are still stored in the calibration and will be uploaded to the ECU.

Do not show non-tuning modifications

Prevents any non-tuning modification from being applied to the calibration.  A non-tuning modification is a modification which does not alter the tuning of the ECU.  eg a traction control change.

Do not show tuning modifications

Prevents any tuning modification from being applied to the calibration.  A tuning modification is a modification which can alter the tuning of the ECU.  eg an ignition table change.

Do not allow upload to Vault

Prevents the calibration from being upload to Vault.

Only allow upload to FlashPro serial #

Restricts the calibration use to the specified serial number.


Once the calibration is saved the password will be required to change the permissions.  To change the password click on 'Change Permissions' again and leave the password fields blank.


It is possible to save the calibration password to the computer.  Once this is done if 'Change Permissions' is clicked the password will not need to be entered.



Note that the password is stored by calibration, and also on the computer where the calibration was created or edited.