Bluetooth Vehicle Pairing

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If you are running the Hondata mobile app on a vehicle head unit (radio / navigation), then you may need to pair the FlashPro to the radio as a phone in order for the radio to recognize the FlashPro.  This is the case for 2018+ Civics.


You do not need to follow this procedure if you vehicle shows FlashPro as paired.


You will need the Hondata Mobile Dash APK file, version 1.5 or later.


1. Unplug the FlashPro from the vehicle OBDII connector.

2. Plug the FlashPro into a laptop/desktop and run FlashProManager.

3. Under the FlashPro window / Bluetooth, check 'Alterative pairing mode for head unit (2018+ Civic)'.



4. Unplug and re-plug the FlashPro from USB.

5. On the vehicle radio pair to the FlashPro.  On some radios you need to enter the pairing code - make sure this is the same code as the FlashPro has (default 0000)

6. You should be able to connect to the FlashPro from the Hondata mobile app running on the dash.