Bluetooth Technical Details

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Bluetooth Types

FlashPro supports both of the currently Bluetooth types - V2.1 (BR/EDR) and BT4 (low energy or BLE).

- Android devices support Bluetooth V2.1 without restriction.

- Apple products with Bluetooth V2.1 will not work because Apple requires a special chip to be incorporated in the device hardware.  With jailbroken devices it is possible to use a Bluetooth to WiFi bridge such as roqyBT4.

- Apple products with Bluetooth V4 will work.  Note that BLE is slower than V2.1.


Communications Protocols

FlashPro supports three communications protocols under the Bluetooth RFCOMM profile:

FlashPro binary protocol - used for datalogging from FlashProManager on a laptop.
Hondata binary protocol - used for datalogging from Android & iOD apps.
Elm327 protocol - ELM327 emulation for compatibly with a large number of existing smart phone applications.


Bluetooth Stacks under Windows

When a Bluetooth Radio is used under Windows, such as a USB to Bluetooth adapter or the built in Bluetooth Radio on a laptop, Windows needs two software components - the hardware driver for the Bluetooth Radio and the software stack for Bluetooth. The hardware driver is usually provided by the manufacturer of the Bluetooth Radio chipset (although may be available from Windows Update) and the software stack may be provided by either Microsoft or the manufacturer of the Bluetooth Radio chipset.


Unfortunately Windows does not have a universal method for Windows applications (such as FlashProManager) to access Bluetooth devices.  Thus application access is restricted to Bluetooth Radios using the Microsoft software stack.  The good news is that while most Bluetooth Radio chipset manufacturers provide a Bluetooth stack, most are not necessary and the Microsoft stack can be used.


Determining what Bluetooth Stack is in use

In Windows open the device manager and expand the 'Bluetooth Radios' entry.  Bluetooth Radios using the Microsoft stack show as 'Generic Bluetooth Adapter' whilst radios using other stacks will show the name of the chipset manufacturer.


A Bluetooth Radio using the Microsoft Bluetooth stack

A Bluetooth Radio using the Microsoft Bluetooth stack



A Bluetooth Radio using a non- Microsoft Bluetooth stack

A Bluetooth Radio using a non- Microsoft Bluetooth stack



Changing the Bluetooth Stack

Warning: This is at our own risk - if you are not comfortable installing and updating device drivers under Windows we do not recommend that you attempt this.

1.Open the Windows Device Manager.
2.Select the Bluetooth Radio, right click and select 'Uninstall'.
3.Do not check the option to uninstall hardware drivers.
4.Let Windows uninstall the Bluetooth Stack and hardware drivers.
5.You may have to reboot, or unplug and replug the hardware (in the case of an USB to Bluetooth adapter).
6.Windows should re-install the drivers, including the Microsoft Bluetooth stack.


iPhone 4 and earlier

It is possible to use earlier iPhones which have been jailbroken and use a Bluetooth to WiFi bridge.  roqyBT4 is a app which bridges the Bluetooth to Wifi.