KPro Counterfeits

Counterfeit K-Pro and K100

Counterfeit K-Pros and K100s have been sold as new and used in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia and Asia This counterfeit circuit board is a poor quality copy of the version 2 K-Pro with on-board datalogging.

Counterfeit K-Pro characteristics

  • The circuit board color is green (no other color)
  • Typically sold with an ECU as used on online forums for a low price.
  • Often sold with unsupported ECUs (part numbers 37805-PND-A51 through A59 ECU - Base RSX Auto)
  • The installation is poor, with bad soldering, missing serial numbers and missing or incorrect value components.

The counterfeits show some or all the following behaviors:

  • Failure to upload or datalog.
  • Speed sensor problems.
  • Random rev limits.
  • Failure to start
  • Corruption of ECU table data.

We do not advise driving your vehicle on a counterfeit K-Pro due to risk of engine damage.

How do I know if my K-Pro is authentic?

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  1. The number 3 on the counterfeit has a straight top, the genuine is curved.
  2. The sides of the counterfeit may have rough tabs, the genuine is always smooth.
  3. The counterfeit bar codes are low quality. The genuine bar codes are sharp.
  4. The Hondata logo must be in this location, with a gap between letters a and t.

How do I know if my K100 is authentic?

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  1. The letters O and a are different
  2. The soldering is poor with many components at an angle
  3. There is no serial number

What should I do if I suspect my K-Pro or K100 is counterfeit?

  • Check the above characteristics to confirm if your KPro or K100 is counterfeit.
  • Send a photo to for Hondata for confirmation.
  • Send your suspect board to Hondata for confirmation

What should I do if I my K-Pro or K100 is determined to be counterfeit?

  • Contact the seller and ask for your money back. The counterfeit should be sent to Hondata for destruction - knowingly selling a counterfeit product is a federal offence with a maximum 10 year jail sentence and/or $2,000,000 fine.
  • Send to Hondata for an exchange to a genuine K-Pro 4 for $600 ($650 outside the US) using this form.

When purchasing, how can I guarantee that I receive a genuine product?

  • Purchase new only from an authorized Hondata dealer.
  • Be careful when buying a used Hondata system.  Verify the images with the above guide before buying.