Computers running ARM-based processors do not support our software ('Windows on ARM'), including ARM based Macs using Parallels.

Note that you should never 'downgrade' your software version, as this will cause problems in cases where a later software update has updated the device firmware to a later version than what the software expects to find. It always is a good idea to use the most recent software version even if it is a beta.

SManager (S300)


Current version V2.7.3 7/10/2019 (32 MB) release notes

KManager (KPro)


Current version V4.4.2 7/10/2019 (32 MB) release notes

FlashProManager (FlashPro)


Current version V3.5.2 1/21/2019 (474 MB) release notes


Reduced size version (43 MB)

TractionControlManager (TractionControl)


Current version V1.0.9 9/14/2015 (13 MB) release notes

TractionControl software is built into SManager, KManager and FlashProManager.  Only download this version if you are using a different engine management system.

Hondata Mobile

Apple iOS store

Google Play Store

Head unit (radio) dash app

USB Device Drivers

These are standalone installers with the USB device drivers for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10.  Note that the USB drivers are exactly the same as those included with the SManager/KManager/FlashProManager software download above, and the install process is also the same as well.

S300 USB Drivers (8MB)

KPro USB Drivers (8MB)

FlashPro USB Drivers (8MB)


S300 MoTeC CAN driver 600

S300 MoTeC CAN driver 666