KManager is Windows software which allows re-programming and datalogging from the K-Series Programmable ECU.

KManager allows you to

  • Load, save and edit ECU calibrations
  • re-program your ECU
  • View ECU information in real time
  • Record & playback datalogs from your ECU

  • Laptop or desktop
  • 32 or 64 bit Windows 7, 8, 10
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Internet Access

* The software will also work on Intel based Macs running Bootcamp or Parallels.

Main features

    Table and parameter editing
    Datalog recording, playback & review
    Configurable display window with gauges, buttons and indicators
    Check and clear error codes
    Extensive built in context sensitive help system


    48+ built in calibrations for common engine combinations
    Hondata Vault for cloud storage of calibrations and datalogs


    Datalog directly from the KPro using a laptop or from on board datalogging memory on the KPro
    Recording & playback datalogs
    Graph & analyze datalog engine sensors

Parameter Editing

    Real time sensor display & table tracing
    Table editing with sensor overlays

Many different calibrations are included for four different ECU types. Included is a calibration similar to the Hondata # 4 reflash and the K20A (ITR reflash). Each calibration here has taken about 8 hours of dyno. It is still recommended to tune your car on the dyno as the specifications for the cars tuned in the calibrations will not exactly match your car.

Boost is mapped to 11 psi (0.8 bar) using the stock map sensor and 28 psi with replacement MAP sensors. No additional hardware other than larger injectors is required or recommended to use the boost maps in a K series engine.

The K-Pro ECU upgrade is nitrous aware. Arm the nitrous and have the nitrous relay operated on one of several outputs. The K-Pro ECU on switching the nitrous relay will simultaneously retard the ignition and add fuel. A dry kit and bigger injectors are highly recommended although this will drive a wet kit by switching both fuel and nitrous relays simultaneously. This operates in conjunction with any form of NA or forced induction tuning.  The nitrous feature will not work on the PRA, PRC or PRD ECU's.

VTEC can now be switched on base on RPM and air pressure. This means you can have VTEC at a low RPM for supercharging and big cams and at a higher RPM for part throttle.

The US and Japanese K series engines use a wideband front oxygen sensor capable of maintaining a steady accurate air/fuel ratio even under wide open throttle. This causes problems in boosted cars where it is possible to achieve significant boost levels at partial throttle while the ECU is trimming fuel to 14.7. This lean condition is not good for the engine and causes hesitation. This problem is not often seen on the dyno where runs are done at full throttle. This problem is most commonly seen rolling onto the throttle from a cruise.

Hondata can now switch your ECU to open loop based on boost pressure which will make your boosted engine run safer and smoother.

For advanced high boost use, individual cylinder fuel trim gives extra fuel to any hot running cylinders for increased reliability.

For race car use, the immobilizer, OBDII and all associated sensors can be switched off and removed, simplifying your wiring. The multiplexer (amongst other things) transmits information to the gauge cluster - for example water temperature.

Datalogging is done via the USB cable to a laptop or via Bluetooth. Datalogging graphs can display up to 4 charts of 4 sensors each in any combination.

Several of the major sensors can be displayed in large, easily identified numbers. Great for road or dyno use.

KPro / KManager Help

Download KManager software here