Technical Information FK8 Civic Type R intake test

Hondata tested 6 intakes and developed a scientific repeatable test procedure to evaluate the differences.

  • Stock
  • AEM
  • K&N
  • Takeda
  • Mishimoto
  • Injen


  • The stock intake had the lowest IAT2 throughout the dyno run
  • The stock intake gave the most torque and power under 3400 rpm and above 5700 rpm.
  • The power range from best to worst was around 17HP.


The low IAT2 readings of the stock intake indicates it does a better job of drawing external cold air than the other intakes. Colder denser air improves turbo spool, power and torque.


  1. Hood closed
  2. Three cooling fans
  3. 91 octane Hondata reflash 


Beginning of testing stock 23 +- 0.5 C

  1. Load the dyno lightly for 30 seconds to stabilize IAT2 (at ~ 23C for the stock intake)
  2. Start the dyno run at ECT of 80C +- 0.5˚
  3. Dyno pulls from 1500-6900 rpm at 500 rpm/second
  4. Make three runs with a two minute gap between runs cooling ECT to below 80˚ 

Data analysis process

  1. Discard Run 1 data as the engine and turbo has cooled between air intake changes.
  2. Average runs 2 and 3
  3. Evaluate IAT 2 for each intake

Stock intake IAT2 vs RPM

AEM intake IAT2 vs RPM