Technical Information TSX WEN error


Hondata has determined that in certain situations, programming the 07-08 TSX ECU will generate a WEN error (write enable). The WEN error is more prevalent in TSXs that have modified ground wires or have not had the ECU ground wire correctly relocated after after installation of an intake gasket.

TSX FlashPros covered by this upgrade

All 04-08 TSX FlashPros up to and including serial number FP-TSX-US-90054.

What to do if you see a WEN error while attempting to program.

The ECU ground is located on the intake manifold close to the fuel rail. The ground return path is through the manifold to engine block and gearbox, to chassis, then battery. Even in stock Hondas we have measured a small voltage drop across the stock intake manifold gasket. Relocate the ECU ground wire to a rocker cover stud - even if you have not installed a Hondata intake gasket.

If the WEN error still persists, and your FlashPro has a serial number lower than FP-TSX-US-90054, and the FlashPro has not been updated, then the FlashPro will need to be returned to Hondata for an update.

Returns Procedure

  • Unlock the FlashPro from your TSX
  • Fill out the return form
  • Return your FlashPro to Hondata