Technical Information Supercharger Intercooling

Supercharger Intercooler

This documents the testing of an intercooler / aftercooler (provided by MercRacing) added onto the Jackson Racing Supercharger (M62) on a stock 2004 TSX engine.

Bosch Intercooler Pump Test

A Bosch 0 392 022 002 pump was used for the intercooler water pump.

Measured at 13V, X Axis = flow (litres per hour), I = current (amps), P = pressure (bar), n = rpm

In the vehicle, the system flow was tested at various voltages, with the pump flowing water through the intercooler core and heat exchanger as per normal operation (water at 70 degs F).

Volume flow in US gallons per minute, mass flow in kg per second.
From the spec sheet and the recorded data at 13V we can estimate the pressure at 0.3 bar.

For reference a standard 1/2" hose with spray nozzle flowed at 3 GPM - about half that of the measured system flow at 14V.

Dyno Testing - Un-intercooled Supercharger

Average intake air temperature at run end = 147 degrees (range 145-150)
Average knock count 21 (range 16-27)
Boost 8.5 lbs

Without the intercooled each successive run would reduce the power by about 2 hp.


Dyno Testing - Intercooled


Average intake air temperature at run end = 125 degrees (range 125-125)
Average knock count 5 (range 4-6)
Boost 7.5 lbs

Knock count has falled drastically; intake air temperature is lower, power has increased, and boost has dropped.

Dyno Testing - Intercooled & increased boost

Average intake air temperature at run end = 130 degrees (range 126-132)
Average knock count 42 (range 39-46)
Boost 9.2 lbs

Boost has been increased back to around the non-intercooled level. Air intake temperatures are high.

Final Dyno Graph

Blue=non-intercooled, red=intercooled, green=intercooled + increased boost