Technical Information RSX Vehicle Reference

This is a guide to stock Honda ECUs by vehicle, with a listing of suitable ECUs for that vehicle. If your vehicle has an engine swap then it is recommended you view applications by engine.  Many vehicles require an OBDII to OBDI adapter harness (note 6) and/or ECU swap (note 7).

Once you have identified what ECUs are suitable for your engine, go to applications by ECU to see what applications Hondata has for your engine.

Also see OBDI vehicle reference.

2002-2004 (K-Series)

Model Year Country Engine Stock ECU Suitable OBD2 ECUs Hondata Systems Notes
RSX Type-S 02-04 US K20A2 PRB PRB,PRC,PRD,PNF,PND,PPA Reflash, k100, K-Pro 16,18
Integra Type R 02-04 JDM K20A PRC PRC,PRB,PRD,PNF,PND,PPA k100, K-Pro 16,18
RSX Base 02-04 US K20A3 PND PND,PRC,PRB,PRD,PNF,PPA Reflash, k100, K-Pro 13,16,18
Civic SI 02-04 US K20A3 PNF PNF,PRC,PRB,PRD,PND,PPA Reflash, k100, K-Pro 16,18
Civic Type R 02-04 JDM K20A PRD PRD,PRB,PRC,PNF,PND,PPA k100, K-Pro 16,18
Euro Civic Type R 02-04 UK K20A2 PRA PRA k100, K-Pro 15,16


  1. Hondata s100/s200 and Stage 2/3/4 systems are both available for these OBDI ECUs but it is recommended to use the s100 or s200 systems.
  2. Manual transmissions only.
  3. P28,P30,P72,P61 ECUs configured to run non-VTEC.
  4. Secondary intake runner operation will be lost if a P72 ECU is not used.
  5. To use a Hondata system it is required that an OBDI ECU is used.  Note an OBD1 distributor must be used.
  6. OBDII to OBDI adapter harness required.
  7. OBDI ECU swap.
  8. Differential control will be lost.
  9. Conversion from OBD1 required (OBD0-OBD1 adapter harness, OBD1 distributor).
  10. 4 wire oxygen sensor must be wired in and used if you wish to run in closed loop.
  11. 94 and 95 Accords have EGR (A11) and the O2 heating (A6) reversed and must be rewired
  12. If this ECU is used with a 6 speed transmission, reverse lockout will not work.
  13. PND A5# can be used only with Automatic transmissions and only reflash programs are available for this ECU.
  14. Use of this ECU is only recommended for motor swaps, as we do not offer any programs for the CRV.
  15. This ECU does not use a wideband oxygen sensor and is not compatible with US or JDM vehicles.
  16. Only Manual ECU's can be used with the K-Pro
  17. Conversion to an OBD1 distributor and some wiring may be required
  18. PRB-A13 ECU's are not reflash or K-Pro compatible (2005 RSX).