Technical Information Accord 2.0T Type R Turbo install

Turbo differences

The Accord Turbo has a smaller 42 mm intake than the 50mm Type R intake. The stock Accord turbo spools up quickly at around 1500 RPM but is inefficient at higher rpm. The Type R turbo spools at 2500-3000 rpm but moves less air and torque at low RPM. The Type R turbo is a little more efficient in that it can move more air (as measured by the AFM/MAF sensor) at a lower level of boost. The Type R turbo swap means a loss of over 100 lb-ft torque under 2500 rpm but a significant gain above 3000 rpm. It is less noticeable on an AT than MT as the AT slips the engine rapidly to the spool rpm. With Flex-Fuel and the CTR turbo  you can gain 100 lb-ft torque and hp over stock. The Civic type R turbo is a fairly straightforward swap. The Accord catalytic converter is a bolt on. The intake and exhaust connections just bolt up.

Part list

  • 18900-5BF-A01 Type R turbo 
  • 18180-5BF-A00 Type R Catalytic converter
  • 19524-RPY-G01 Gasket, Turbocharger Pipe
  • 19522-6B2-A00 Pipe A, Turbocharger Water

FlashPro calibrations

    (included in the software)

  • Accord 10AT no boltons
  • Accord 6MT Intake downpipe and exhaust
  • Accord 6MT Flex Fuel Intake downpipe and exhaust

Heat Shield - Modify the Accord heat shield by drilling a hole to line up with the bolt hole on the CTR turbo. You need the heat shield. The turbo can glow red-hot and will cook objects close by. 

Accord water cooling adapter. The Accord turbo water cooling adapter needs modification to fit the Civic Type R turbo. Our suggestion is that you purchase a new unit to modify. They are inexpensive.  The locating holes need machining to line up with the locating studs on the CTR turbo manifold. Make sure the water cooling passages are centered. 

Civic Type R water cooling adapter for comparison

Accord power gains with Civic Type R turbo over stock

Civic Type R Turbo with Flex Fuel

Equipped with:

  •     Downpipe
  •     Exhaust

On E30, this setup adds 30 to 60 hp at the top end of the rev range over just the CTR turbo. Equally impressive is the  100 hp and 100 lb-ft torque over stock. E30 is the maximum ethanol content that can be used with the stock fuel pump. Over E30, the FlashPro Manager software reduces the boost.