Technical Information 06 TSX Changes


If you are going to build a K series engine, the best parts to start with are those from the 06 TSX.

The 06 TSX has the following improvements:

Increased intake flow:

  • Intake valve + 1 mm oversize
  • Intake cam High lift lobe with 0.9 mm more lift and 12 degrees more duration
  • Throttle body increased from 60-64mm
  • Radius on some intake pipes increased from 70-80mm

Increased exhaust flow

  • Exhaust Head pipe increased frm 60-65mm
  • Higher flow catalytic converter
  • Main (single) exhaust pipe increased from 54-57mm
  • Rear (twin) pipes increased in diameter from 42.5 to 45mm

Block improvements:

  • Additional air passages in crankcase for reduced pumping losses


  • Stronger conrods
  • New crankshaft with more counterbalance weight
  • Revised pistons with more valve-piston clearance


The exhaust cam is bigger on the primaries and secondary lobes than any other Honda made K series cam. The intake has larger primary lobes than any other K series Honda cam and a type R secondary lobe. If you have to use Honda cams, use 06 TSX cams.

04 TSX and 06 TSX comparison

This compares a stock 06 MT TSX with a stock 04 MT TSX. Both cars had less than 1000 miles at the time of the dyno. As you can see differences are mainly at the top end on the high cam. On the high cam, the 06 generates about 15HP more

Lets compare an 06 MT TSX with reflash to an 04 TSX with reflash, intake and header.

- Blue line 06 TSX with reflash

- Yellow line 04 TSX with reflash, intake and header

As you can see the 06 just with the reflash is equivalent to 04 + header + intake. Thus an intake and header on the 06 will put it much further ahead of the 04 TSX. See above for an 06 MT TSX with intake.