The Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4 systems are legacy Hondata Systems which are no longer sold by Hondata.  This information is provided for existing owners of Stage 2/3/4 Systems.

Stage 2

The base Stage 2 system has the following features:

  • Speed limiter removed (if applicable).
  • Tunable fuel and ignition tables (by a dealer or Stage 4 owner).
  • Expanded fuel & ignition tables for boost (if boost option is purchased).
  • Expanded rpm fuel & ignition tables (for the P72 only).
  • Adjustable rev limiter.
  • Datalogging (if datalogging option is purchased)

Stage 3

The Stage 3 system has the above features plus:

  • Shift light.
  • VTEC control.
  • Launch control.
  • Full throttle shift.

Stage 4

Stage 4 included ROM Editor V2.

RomEditor V3 was available only with a s200 system. 


Multimedia clips showing the operation of the Hondata system (click to view).

Technical and training videos
Wide Band Lambda meter map tracing 312k
ROMeditor (showing how easy it is to create a new set of maps) 540k


Setting Rev Limits
Description 56Kmodem Cable/DSL
Set the launch RPM 512k 1670k
Set your overall rev limit 508k 1680k
Set your shift light 470k 1600k
Set your VTEC point 380k 1255k
Set your full throttle shift 552k 1872k
How to set your revs statically 904k 2990k


Other videos
2000 Type R Dyno Run 244k
2000 Type R ECU map trace 532k
Full throttle launch, the first of the 3 stage rev limit 670k
Full throttle shift, the third of the 3 stage rev limit 485k
Shift Light in operation 450k

Staged Systems

  • Product Code: Staged Systems
  • Availability: Discontinued