• s200

Discontinued in January of 2008.

The s200 system consists of an interface box which connects to a modified stock ECU.  The s200 replaces the Stage 2/3/4 systems.

s200 Features

The s200 system has the following features:

  • Speed limiter removed (if applicable).
  • Tunable fuel and ignition tables.
  • Expanded fuel & ignition tables for boost.
  • Expanded rpm fuel & ignition tables.
  • A/C cutout.
  • Shift light.
  • VTEC control.
  • Adjustable rev limiter.
  • Launch control.
  • Full throttle shift.
  • Nitrous Control
  • Datalogging with HondaLogger software.
  • ROM Editor tuning software.

If you are interested in tuning Hondata systems for other people see the dealer requirements page for more information.  If you have a Stage 2/3/4, s100 or s200 and wish to upgrade, see the Upgrade Guide page.

Upgrading the s200

Since this product is now discontinued, the optional upgrades are no longer available and it is recommended to upgrade to the s300.  Upgrade information can be found here.

ECU jumper J12



With the s200 it is recommended to cut jumper J12 inside the ECU.  For US ECUs this jumper is located near the two vertical sub boards inside the ECU.  For JDM ECUs remove J4 which is located on the top of the circuit board near CN2.  This jumper must be replaced if the ECU is used with a Stage 2/3/4 system.


  • Product Code: s200
  • Availability: Discontinued