New Mobile Apps

Hondata has new mobile apps for Android and iOS with many great features like customizable gauges, graphing, fuel economy, race track mapping and dashcam.

  • Customizable gauges can track up to 80 sensors in real time including fuel economy, G-force and battery voltage.
  • Read and Clear trouble codes and reset MIL (service engine light).
  • Read from more than 40 diagnostics parameters including engine knock count, VTEC pressure and more.
  • Metric and Imperial measures.
  • Real-time user-defined sensor plotting. Graph up to 4 sensors at the same time on interactive graph that can be scrolled, paused and polled.
  • Gauge list feature can track every sensor at the same time.
  • Instant horsepower, mpg/kml fuel economy, boost pressure and G force tracking.
  • Speed limit warning: Get notified when driving over speed limit.
  • High coolant temperature warning gives you instant notification when your car is running too hot.
  • HUD mode for dashboard view : Heads up display for driving at night.
  • Two themes to choose from.
  • landscape mode for all views.


Fuel Economy:
  • Live and average fuel economy tracking for 0-5 min, 0-30 min and 0-2 hr intervals and a detailed summary.
  • Long term tracking with six different intervals. (1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 13 weeks, 26 and 52 weeks).
  • 4 different units of measure: MPG,KPL (Km/L), L/100 Km, Miles per imperial gallon.
  • Interactive graph of long term data that can be cropped and scrolled through.
  • Export fuel history to CSV file (spreadsheets).
  • Other statistics: Distance travelled, average speed, money spent, CO2 produced and fuel consumed.
  • 4 methods of calculation available. For non MAF equipped vehicles.

Race track package:
  • Real time lap data, gap delay time and position in race track using high frequency GPS tracking.
  • Comprehensive summary of race with lap times, speed fluctuations on track and more.
  • Get drag racing times (0-60 mph, 0-100 mph, 1/4 mile 1/8 mile etc.)
  • Load and save unlimited number of tracks onto device.
  • Crucial racing data including real time horsepower, g-force and a detailed driving summary. Share your results with friends.
  • Transmission gear information and optional shifting assistant which (for manual transmission vehicles) which notifies optimal moment for shifting.
  • Customizable view that toggles between speed/rpm gauge, real time track positioning and G-sensor feedback.
  • Record your race in HD with gauge and track overlays. (dash cam add-on required)

  • Record smooth HD video with overlaying gauges (speed,rpm, etc), time, location (GPS coordinates) and G-force sensor in four different resolutions.
  • Record from 80 sensors and up to 5 gauges.

Sensor logger:
  • Record up to four sensors simultaneously with 5 refresh rate options.
  • Save graph sensor data to CSV file and export it for further analysis.
  • Send real time data to a TCP socket (IP Address) over the network.