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The Hondata s100 is a module that fits internally to a Honda ECU, using the same connector and ROM as the Hondata s200 system.


The s100 module plugs into the 4-pin connector CN2.  If the ECU does not have this connector then see the Hondata installation manual for instructions on how to prepare an ECU for Hondata.






Install the s100 so that the 4 pin ECU connector (CN2) is all the way to the end of the s100 connector.






In the JDM ECU the body of the s100 will sit above some components in the ECU.


It is possible, but not necessary, to hold the s100 in place with some hot glue.

Removing J12

It is recommended to remove jumper J12 from the ECU.  This improves communication reliability between the s100 module and the ECU.  It is not necessary to cut J12 for JDM ECUs.


Location of J12 for US ECUs


Note that J12 must be replaced if the ECU is used with a Hondata Stage 2/3/4 system.



·        Storage temperature range: -20 - 85 șC

·        Operational temperature range: 0 - 70 șC

·        Maximum shock: 500g


·        Voltage: 5 V

·        Current consumption: 10 mA






































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