• KPro 3

Now Discontinued

The third generation Hondata K-Pro shipped from mid September 2011 to November 2014.

KPro III Enhancements

Twice the on board datalogging memory

Without additional analog inputs the KPro III has twice the datalogging length capability of the previous generation KPro.  With analog inputs the datalogging length is approximately the same as the previous generation.

Three times the programming speed

The typical initial upload time has been reduced from over 30 seconds to under 10 seconds. Subsequent uploads are also faster.

8 additional analog inputs for datalogging.

The KPro board has eight 0-5V analog inputs, which can be used for temperature, pressure, wideband, EGT or any other input which provides a 0-5V signal.  The analog values are both stored in the KPro and in any datalog made from the KPro, which means that you do not need to change the analog input settings which switching between datalogs from vehicles with different analog inputs.

Anti-theft security enhancements

Similar the the FlashPro, password protected owner information can be stored on the KPro. This results in a KPro which had owner identification which cannot be changed if stolen. Additionally, an upload security password can be used, which and renders the KPro unusable if stolen.

On board calibration storage

Similar to the FlashPro, the uploaded calibration is now stored on the KPro in a form which allows a quick and accurate download from the KPro.

Digital input

For future expansion, a digital serial input is present on the KPro.

KPro 3

  • Product Code: KPro3
  • Availability: Discontinued