Counterfeit S300

Counterfeit S300s have been sold as new and used in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. This counterfeit circuit board is a poor quality copy of the revision 8 (r8) S300.

There are no known counterfeits of the newer white circuit board S300

Counterfeit S300 characteristics

  • Typically sold with an ECU as used on online forums for a low price.
  • The installation is poor, with bad soldering, missing / invalid serial numbers and missing or incorrect value components.

The counterfeits show some or all the following behaviors:

  • Failure to upload or datalog.
  • Random rev limits.
  • Failure to start
  • Corruption of ECU table data.

We do not advise driving your vehicle on a counterfeit S300 due to risk of engine damage.

How do I know if my S300 is authentic?

What should I do if I suspect my S300 is counterfeit?

  • Check the above characteristics to confirm if your S300 is counterfeit.
  • Send a photo to for Hondata for confirmation.
  • Send your suspect S300 board to Hondata for confirmation.

What should I do if I my S300 is determined to be counterfeit?

  • Contact the seller and ask for your money back. The counterfeit should be sent to Hondata for destruction - knowingly selling a counterfeit product is a federal offence with a maximum 10 year jail sentence and/or $2,000,000 fine.
  • Send to Hondata for an exchange to a genuine S300 for $350 ($400 outside the US) using this form.

When purchasing, how can I guarantee that I receive a genuine product?

  • Purchase new only from an authorized Hondata dealer.
  • Be careful when buying a used S300.  Verify the S300 image with the above guide before buying.