The Hondata FK8 Civic Type R fuel system upgrade consists of hardware and software components designed to deliver 24% more fuel flow over the stock fuel system. This system enables the Civic Type R to take the next logical step for a reliable, well engineered and thoroughly tested power increase.

The kit includes:

  • High flow ethanol rated in-tank low pressure fuel pump
  • High flow ethanol rated low pressure fuel line
  • High flow direct injection fuel pump 
  • High flow high pressure fuel line
  • High flow fuel injectors
  • Multiple calibrations starting with an increase of 90 lb-ft torque and 57 hp over stock  with intercooler and high flow cat. (FlashPro needed)

This kit is a plug and play direct bolt on. Everything can be returned to stock.

Visit the dyno section for a selection of differently configured FK8 Civic Type Rs with the Hondata fuel system from 375 to 550 hp.

Hondata Fuel System upgrade

Stig_JDM experience at Global Time Attack

The Hondata team did an amazing job installing the upgraded fuel system on my car in preparation for the Global Time Attack finals at Buttonwillow in November 2019. Since the car had already been used for 30+ track days with a Hondata FlashPro and would continue to be abused at the track, we decided to go with a conservative tune on 93 pump gas. With the upgraded system, the car went from 360whp to 400whp on stock turbo and basic bolt-ons (PRL Intercooler, Downpipe and Front Pipe + Remark Catback). Although we chose to be conservative and the power increase was just moderate, the additional torque/power translated into a mind blowing engine response and improved lap times at Buttonwillow by approximately 2s (a 2s improvement when you are running 1:54 lap times on a street Civic is A LOT!). Better yet, the fuel system ran flawlessly for the whole event with no check engine lights or going into limp mode. If you are familiar with the Civic Type R, you know how sensitive the stock ECU is and how it likes to throw codes. I'm looking forward to seeing this system being used widely with more aggressive tunes and upgraded turbos to explore the full potential of the system.

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Do I need a FlashPro?


What vehicles does this cover?

    The FK8 Civic Type R.

How long does this take to install?

    A Honda technician will take 4 hours

What calibrations will FlashPro Manager come with?

    All existing calibrations support the new fuel system. There are a number of starting calibrations tuned for an intercooler and downpipe.

Was this testing done with built engines?

    No. All test vehicles had stock blocks and heads.

Are all the parts necessary?


Are the parts available separately?


How long does it take to install this kit

    4 hours to 1 day depending on experience and tools. A Honda dealer or experienced mechanic is recommended for install.

Can I return it to stock?


Do I need any special tools?

    Yes, Honda tool  Honda tool 07AAA-TBAA100 to remove the in-tank pump securing ring.

The first 3 dyno charts have the matching calibrations in FlashPro Manager calibrations. All these cars run stock short blocks and heads. All engines are currently in perfect running condition.

91 octane with bolt-ons. Calibration included with FlashPro Manager

91 octane with 46% flex fuel, bolt ons. This engine has been daily driven for the past 18 months at this power and torque level. Calibration included with FlashPro Manager.

Full Race Turbo, E40 flex fuel, bolt ons. Calibration included with FlashPro Manager

Full Race turbo, Race Fuel, full bolt ons 507 hp. This is an indication of power potential in the hands of a good tuner.

Full Race turbo, Q16 race fuel, full bolt ons, 550 hp. This calibration is not included with FlashPro Manager. This is an indication of power potential in the hands of a good tuner.

Hondata FK8 Fuel System

  • Brand: Hondata, Inc.
  • Product Code: HON-FS-FK8
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $2,850.00