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Change History


V1.1.0 (2 May 2017)

Added language translation.


V1.0.9 (14 Sept 2015)

Firmware 12


V1.0.8 (15 May 2015)
Firmware 11
Added CAN output.
USB drivers updated to v1.0.3 (Microsoft Hardware Certified)


V1.0.7 (21 Jan 2014)

Firmware 10
Fixed launch compensation not working at certain speeds with smoothing.
Added pulse output divisor.


V1.0.6 (10 Oct 2013)

Firmware 8
Added launch compensation.


V1.0.5 (6 May 2013)

Firmware 7
Fixed vehicle speed determination method not showing correctly after update.
If the configuration has been changed, and then the Traction Control unit plugged in, ask the user if they wish to re-read the configuration or keep the current configuration.
Prompt to write unsaved Traction Control configuration changes when application closed.


V1.0.4 (30 Jan 2013)

Fixed S2000 sensor type description (passive rather than active)
Better notification when two applications try to connect to the Traction Control hardware simultaneously.


V1.0.3 (23 Oct 2012)

Firmware 6
Don't start datalogging if the Traction Control is switched off (allows for burnouts).


V1.0.3 (18 Sep 2012)

Require registration before Traction Control can be used.


V1.0.2 (22 Aug 2012)

Added PID control


V1.0.1 (3 May 2012)

Added sensor error counters.
Changed the error report so that the user is notified if an issue has been fixed.


V1.0.0 (9 Mar 2012)

Public pre-release.