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Change History


V4.5.3 (22 Sep 2022)

Added support for 'Windows on ARM'


V4.5.2 (1 Mar 2022)

Better support for screens using scaling of more than 100% (4k monitors)
Added o2 sensor heaters minimum ECT.


V4.5.1 (15 Dec 2021)

[KPro4] Added support for KPro types.


V4.5.0 (20 Oct 2021)

[KPro4] Added support for KPro with new components.


V4.4.9 (1 Aug 2021)

[KPro4] Fixed lambda display from AEM 304100
[KPro4] Fixed CAN output frequency


V4.4.8 (20 Jul 2021)

[KPro4] Firmware version 18
[KPro4] Added CAN output frequency to parameters


V4.4.7 (16 Jun 2021)

[KPro4] Firmware version 17
Fixed tuning via Bluetooth not connecting.
[KPro4] Increase CAN output to 100 Hz


V4.4.6 (11 Mar 2021)

KPro password reset now sends a reset code to the owner email or phone number


V4.4.5 (28 Jul 2020)

Fixed cam angle high not live tuning correctly.


V4.4.4 (22 Jul 2020)

[KPro4] Firmware version 16
Added AEM 30-0300 wideband.


V4.4.3 (25 Feb 2020)

Improved datalog scroll speed
Added help menu link to Hondata Support Forum
Replaced 'Send Information to Hondata Support' with 'Send Feedback to Hondata'
Added MIL, VTS, CL to Hondata and AiM CAN packets
Added analog + lambda to AiM CAN packets
Fixed display only ELD lambda input
Fixed error codes not showing as cleared


V4.4.2 (10 Jul 2019)

Added button to create default graph templates
[KPro4] added option to update KPro boot firmware to fix ethanol input problem
[KPro4] fixed MAP 178 kPa limit in CAN packet 0x662
[KPro4] fixed AEM 30-0310 wideband closed loop operation


V4.4.1 (5 Apr 2019)

Fixed field names not showing for owners details


V4.4.0 (3 Apr 2019)

Fixed exception on Windows 7 when font scaling was not 100%
Fixed empty setting combo boxes


V4.3.8 (26 Mar 2018)

Added tabbed datalogs to the graph window


V4.3.7 (10 Oct 2018)

[KPro4] fixed advanced protection rpm & map value conversions
Fixed on board datalog lambda overlay not showing when first downloaded from KPro
Fixed analog input outputting domain errors with negative voltage offset


V4.3.6 (23 Aug 2018)

No changes


V4.3.5 (13 Feb 2018)

Added language translation with Spanish translation.
Added AEM 30-0310 and AEM 30-4100 wideband support to analog inputs.
Fixed datalogged lambda overlay values not using short term fuel trim for adjustment in overlay.
Added rev limiter sensor to datalogging.


V4.3.3 (12 Apr 2017)

[KPro4] Firmware version 10
[KPro4] Fixed cam angle and target cam angle in CAN output packet 0x664


V4.3.2 (28 Oct 2016)

Fixed nitrous ignition problem.
Split 'Knock / TPS' parameters into 'Knock' and 'Throttle'.
Fixed staged injection not saving values.
[KPro4] Added TPS tip in fuel tables.
[KPro4] Added option to invert the EPS/PSP input.


V4.2.7 (13 Oct 2016)

Fixed ignition timing going high when multiple nitrous stages were used with large ignition retard values.


V4.2.6 (10 May 2016)

Running closed loop from an analog input now uses the analog input voltage offset.


V4.2.5 (11 April 2016)

Added support for the Techedge, Zeitronics, and Innovate LC-2 wideband
Added support for staged injection for use with the Hondata Injector Driver


V4.2.3 (12 Jan 2016)

Split 'Fuel Trim' Parameters into 'Fuel Trim' and 'Fuel Injectors'


V4.2.0 (21 Nov 2015)

[Traction Control] Firmware version 12
Added Lotus fuel level min / max voltage.
[PRA] Removed P0132 error when in open loop.
Added digital input for wideband table tracing.
Split Parameters Fuel Trim into Fuel Trim and Fuel Injector tabs


V4.1.5 (17 August 2015)

USB drivers updated to v1.0.3 (Microsoft Hardware Certified)
Changed ignition table adjustment so that 'Set Values' applies the same value to all cam angle tables if 'Edit All Tables' is selected.
Added function selection to nitrous outputs
Moved Closed Loop Operation to Closed Loop tab.
[KPro4 / PRA & PRB] Added Closed Loop Target Lambda tables
[KPro4] Added flex fuel ethanol sensor smoothing and max rpm
[KPro3/KPro4] Added analog input temperature sensor conversion.
[KPro4] Fixed bug where live tuning would not update when multiple cam angles of the same table were selected.
[PRA] Fixed idle speed problem with AC or PSP.
Added analog input conversion for the Delphi 12160855 / AEM 30-2012 fluid temperature sensor.


V4.0.8 (18 Feb 2015)

Fixed datalog download button not enabling for KPro4
Added Quick Support


V4.0.7 (10 Feb 2015)

Fixed screen scaling for DPI scaling over 150%


V4.0.6 (9 Jan 2015)

Added KPro4 support
[KPro4] Bluetooth
[KPro4] Ethanol sensor input
[KPro4] Speed sensor input
[KPro4] Dash output (AiM, Racepak & CAN)
[KPro4] Advanced protection
[KPro4] Live tuning
[KPro4] Autotune
Added VTEC minimum coolant temperature
Added minimum number of samples for lambda overlay
Added WOT compensation fixed flag
Added closed loop max TPS tables
Added fuel table deviation display
Right align numbers in the table and parameter window where possible.
Added settings option to expand the table window grid to fit the window.
Added fuel pump prime delay and on setting
Added VTC angle lock
Added option to auto size the table grid.
Added ignition controlled idle tables.
Changed PRB calibration to activate reverse lock out via pin B22 (secondary intake runner).  This allows PND ECUs to be used rather than the PRB ECU.
Added shift light control.
Added information for MoTeC dash output and Digital Input / Output Wiring.


V3.3.1 (20 Mar 2014)

[Traction Control] Firmware 10


V3.3.0 (2 Dec 2013)

Fixed boost control solenoid staying on.


V3.2.5 (9 May 2013)

Updated USB drivers (Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility
Added external fail safe input.
Added calibration revision number.
Do not display P02 current for PRA datalogs.
Removed traction control minimum speed parameter (this should be set in the traction control window)
Added boost control solenoid frequency.
Added a DDE server.
[Traction Control] Firmware 7
[Traction Control] Fixed vehicle speed determination method not showing correctly after update.
[Traction Control] Prompt to write unsaved Traction Control configuration changes when application closed.


V3.2.4 (20 Feb 2013)

Added the option to use analog inputs for lambda datalogging.


V3.2.3 (14 Feb 2013)

Reduced after start VTEC & VTC delay from 10 seconds to 1 second.


V3.2.2 (20 Dec 2012)

Fixed on board datalogging not downloading recordings when memory full.
Fixed downloading calibrations from KPro III.


V3.2.0 (18 Oct 2012)

Improved speed of launch, burnout, shift and overall rev limiters.
Fixed datalogging of traction control over slip and retard.
Fixed traction control input descriptions.
[Traction Control] Firmware 6
[Traction Control] Don't start datalogging if the Traction Control is switched off (allows for burnouts).


V3.1.6 (21 Sep 2012)

Improved Hondata Vault behaviour when searching and downloading files.


V3.1.5 (18 Sep 2012)

Require registration before Traction Control can be used.


V3.1.4 (30 August 2012)

Added additional inputs for traction control.
Added Hondata Vault.


V3.1.3 (22 August 2012)

Added tool tip window to lambda and fuel overlay.
Added support for traction control.


V3.1.2 (6 July 2012)

Fixed PNF VTC not working.


V3.1.1 (9 May 2012)

Added grouping and right justification to the Sensor Window.
Added a form to change and create shortcuts.
Added a quick spool table to the boost control parameters.
Added a test upload function under Online->Tools->Test Upload for performing a test upload in newly installed KPro v3's without having to register them.
Fixed launch control malfunction where lean protection cuts injectors when they are both enabled.
Added a burnout rev limiter.
Changed Check For Updates to show current version number and release dates for both beta and production releases.
Changed the error report so that the user is notified if an issue has been fixed.


V3.0.3 (11 October 2011)

KPro III support.
Improved datalogging/recording performance when display window is maximized.
Fixed the relative adjustment function for Lambda using AF ratios.
Fixed launch control max speed range.
Fixed tabs in the settings window.
Added automatic conversions to sensor display minimum and maximums, and also sensor warning minimums and maximums.
Added functionality to save window position with multiple monitors.
Included security check to prevent saving data to the Program Files directory to avoid virtualization problems with Windows.
Added Import/Export feature to the Sensor Settings form, the Graph Template form, and main Settings form.
Added speed correction to the Parameters for under Misc.
Added a driver check entry to the status bar, a balloon hint to install the driver, and a check box to disable the balloon hint.
Added 2D graphs to the small tables in the Parameters form.
Modified the exception report form to directly email reports to Hondata instead of populating users' email service.
Improved 05-06 speedometer behavior.


V1.5.1 (14 June 2011)

Fixed uploading for some pre-datalogging systems.


V1.5.0 (8 June 2011)

Added ELD voltage to datalog export csv file.
When multiple copies of KManager are run display a message and disable concurrent access to the KPro.
Added value base color for Parameter tables.
Added better application exception handling.
Added additional multiplexer options.
Added Changed Value Highlight for tables.
Added acceleration smoothing retard tables.
Added Revert to last Save and Import from Calibration to Table window and tables in the Parameters window.
Added Secondary O2 Sensor, Purge System and ELD enable/disable.
Added WOT compensation tables.
Added knock control tables.
Added Datalog AutoSave
Added datalog trim functions.
[PRB] - Added target lambda tables.
Added Error Reporting
Added table axis tracing.


V1.4.1 (30 July 2010)
Allow injector size over 2000 cc/min.
Added an option to check for beta version updates.
Changed wideband input selection to grey out voltage conversion when stock wideband selected.
Correct pressure display psi unit. (Pressure values shown in psi were incorrectly calculated high by approximately 1.2%. Existing calibrations may show corrected values ~1.2% lower, but the underlying pressure values are unchanged, and the calibration will run identically.)
Added Indicator display type.
Fixed table columns not changing when Options -> Show used.
Fixed tables showing cam angle other than 0 when VTC is disabled.
Added Test USB function.


V1.4.0 (8 February 2010)

Sensor window enhancements (alternating row colors to aid visibility, on/off parameters show as indicators).
Graph window enhancements (better time axis labeling, ensure sensor labels are always visible).
Table view enhancements (proportional datalog trace, 2D graph allows drag selection, 2D graph selects rows and columns with Shift and Ctrl clicks).
Added datalog comments.
Parameters window now scrolls.
Changed file association to work with Windows Vista / 7 security.
Added support for Windows Themes.


V1.3.9 (22 October 2009)

Added more Fuel Compensation parameters.
Added more Ignition Compensation parameters.
Added Injector Phase parameters.
Added Ignition Dwell parameters.
Fixed vacuum unit absolute/atmospheric notation.
Prevent the entry of negative ignition compensation values.
Fixed S2000 AP2 final drive gear ratio.


V1.3.8 (Beta) (1 October 2009)
Changed ignition tip in retard to fix retard oscillation (removed in V1.4.2).


V1.3.7 (23 June 2009)

Fixed access violation when downloading or closing a recording.


V1.3.6 (beta) (15 May 2009)

Added calibration type to Parameters -> Notes.
Fixed minimum TPS value rounding when negative.
Change S2000 operation so that they can run with OBDII enabled.
Removed the requirement to edit the ini file and set DataloggingOutput to enable serial output.
Fixed 3d graph mouse selection for ignition tables.
Added narrowband closed loop o2 voltages.


V1.3.5.4 (20 March 2009)

Fixed cam angle table 3d graph tracing showing load index reversed.


V1.3.5.3 (15 March 2009)

Fixed 05-06 speedometer showing half speed.


V1.3.5.1 (13 March 2009)

Fixed AC clutch not engaging (PRB calibration only).


V1.3.5 (11 March 2009)

Fixed map tracing not working for S2000 calibrations.
Fixed lambda overlay applying closed loop fuel trims when in open loop.
Moved application files to user's local data directory to stop Vista Virtualization
Added the option to disable the screen saver when datalogging.


V1.3.4 (9 December 2008)

Added a lambda overlay option to adjust the lambda overlay lambda value for short and long term fuel trim.
Added a lambda overlay option to show the lambda overlay for each cam angle table.
Added a sensor overlay option.
Added dual adapter harness S2000 and TSX calibrations.
Changed S2000 AP2 gear final drive ratio to 4.100.
Changed insert/delete rpm & load index to alter cam angle table as well as ignition & fuel.


V1.3.2 (20 November 2008)

Added default graph templates.


V1.3.1 (beta) (31 October 2008)

Added display templates.
Added calibration comparison.
Added Winqual certified USB drivers.
Fixed graph value labels not showing true sensor range.


V1.3.0 (23 September 2008)

Release of version 1.2.9 (beta)


V1.2.9 (beta) (26 August 2008)

Added datalog and error code prompts.
Changed low speed cam rev limit to the same as the high speed cam rev limit.
Removed VTEC minimum ECT for PRA and PRB calibrations.
Fixed P0132 error code for S2000/KPro
Added datalog version number to graph window.
Simplified Launch Control and Full Throttle Shift parameter organization.


V1.2.8 (5 August 2008)

Added 5000Hz and 8000Hz warning sounds to the display.
Fixed lambda overlay display.


V1.2.6 (1 August 2008)

Added Email command to the file menu.


V1.2.4 (17 July 2008)

Added right mouse button zoom to graphs.
Fixed sequential shift input invert check mark not updating.
Fixed launch control / full throttle shift 'always on' input not working for PNF, PRD & PRA calibrations.
Fixed external wideband input not showing correctly on lambda overlay.
To automatically start datalogging when KManager is started use a command line parameter of 'datalog' (without the quotes).
Added injector dead time table.
Added cranking fuel table.


V1.2.3.5 (7 May 2008)

Release of
Fixed PRA multiplexer not functioning


V1.2.3.4 (1 May 2008)

Added boost control solenoid minimum and maximum duty cycle.
Fixed Smooth function only applying to the 0 degree cam angle table.
Added launch control and full throttle shift.
Changed S2000 calibrations to use countershaft driven speed sensor by default.


V1.2.3.3 (26 February 2008)

Release of beta


V1.2.3.2 beta (14 February 2008)

Disabled idle controlled ignition above 1400 rpm.
Fixed PNF nitrous output not inverting for VSV and 2WBS outputs.
Added parameter table tracing.
Added boost control by rpm and gear.
Changed PRA open/closed loop setting for increased reliability.


V1.2.3.1 (17 January 2008)

Added scroll bars to the display window.


V1.2.3.0 beta (20 December 2007)

Enhanced display window.
Added RDX and Omnipower MAP sensors.


V1.2.2.9 (25 October 2007)

Added sequential shift cut to PNF,PRA,PND
Fixed external wideband lambda not showing when datalog re-loaded.


V1.2.2.8 (23 August 2007)

Fixed PNF idle up.


V1.2.2.7 (10 August 2007)

Added on board datalogging.
Added maximum knock count for nitrous outputs.
Added D17 turbo calibration.


V1.2.2.6 (5 July 2007)

Fixed PNF cam angle control.


V1.2.2.5 (3 July 2007)

Added third nitrous output.
Added AC clutch and FANC to nitrous outputs.
Added fuel and ignition changes by rpm to nitrous outputs
Removed nitrous fuel ramp and decay settings


V1.2.2.4 (28 Mar 2007)

Added countershaft driven speed sensor to the PRA calibration.
Added Windows Vista USB driver install procedure.


V1.2.2.3 (22 March 2007)

Added ELD as a wideband voltage input for datalogging and display.
Added wideband voltage/lambda conversion table to Settings .
Disabling VTC now disables editing of the non 0 degree cam tables.
Added VIN number to vehicle notes.
Changed New Calibration so that calibrations are sorted by vehicle rather than ECU.
Application is now digitally signed by Hondata.


V1.2.2.2 (18 January 2007)

Fixed problem with non-VTC engines under boost.
Added the ability to insert & delete table rpm and load indexes.
Added VTP as a non-multiplex AC switch input.
Added secondary o2 sensor as a closed loop input (PRA ECU only).
Clarified TPS range buttons (renamed from 'Set' to 'Read')


V1.2.2.1 (4 December 2006)

Prevent starting calibrations from being overwritten.
Allow TPS range scaling.
Added TPS based table lookup to the PRA ECU.
When using AlphaN show TPS value on table load lookup.
Show TPS or MAP value when editing table load columns.
Prevent use of PSP input for nitrous from increasing the engine idle speed when on.
Added 'Disable Idle Valve'
Added fuel enrichment and ignition retard while using the launch limiter.


V1.2.2.0 (16 October 2006)

Added RevHard calibration for the Civic Si
Improved copy and paste between parameter tables.
Allow very long notes


V1.2.1.9 (11 September 2006)

Fixed problem where nitrous output settings were not always saved.
For the PRB ECU TPS is now datalogged when the engine is not running.
Improved datalogging memory management.
Allow multi-line notes.


V1.2.1.8 (July 2006)

Added an USB test function to the help menu.
Changed to html help.
Upgraded USB drivers.


V1.2.1.7 (June 2006)

Fixed problem where PRA ECU would not go into open loop when closed loop was disabled.
Added automatic update check.
Increase VSS output smoothing.


V1.2.1.6 (26 May 2006)

Improved data integrity when downloading from the ECU which was uploaded with an old KManager version
Allow KManager and SManager to connect to ECUs simultaneously
Fixed datalogging problem when VTC is disabled
Fixed nitrous operation on PNF ECU
Added tip in ignition retard control to PNF ECU
Added option to disable the idle valve for ITBs (PRB ECU only)


V1.2.1.5 (9 Mar 2006)

Re-release of beta


V1.2.1.4 (1 Mar 2006)

Added TPS ignition retard to the PRA ECU
Added overrun cutoff to the PRA ECU
Added the option to show 5 bar columns
Added speed sensor output for PND ECU


V1.2.1.3 (3 Feb 2006)

Fixed 2d & 3d graphs not showing the table selection
Added target idle lambda to the PNF and PND ECU
Added countershaft driven speed sensor to the PND ECU
Increased o2 sensor internal resistance error threshold from 40 to 50 ohms (P0134 DTC)
Added TPS ignition retard to the PND ECU



Fixed problem saving OBDII status with PRA calibrations



Fixed problem loading PNF, PND & PRA calibrations



Increased o2 sensor maximum resistance for P0134 error check
Smoothed speed output for 05 RSX
Added brakes, gear and boost duty cycle to datalog export
Fixed problem with PNF boost by gear



Improved datalogging speed
Added additional MAP sensor details
Added 'Smooth Selection' function for tables
Added secondary o2 sensor to datalog export



Fixed PNF incorrect cam angles
Fixed boost control on PRA ECUs



Fixed gear correction ignition advance
Fixed overrun cutoff not saving



Added boost control output (stage 1)
Added gear fuel & ignition correction



Fixed P1607 error for PNF-A12 and PNF-A13 ECUs



Added minimum and maximum short term fuel trim settings.
Split the 'Show Boost Tables' option into two options (for stock and 3 bar MAP sensors)
Double clicking in the sensor window brings up the Sensor Setup window.
Expanded the minimum o2 sensor lambda from 11.48:1 to 10.70:1
Added second nitrous output



Added radiator fan temperature
Added speed sensor conversion for the 2005 RSX with a countershaft driven speed sensor.
Added minimum speed for VTEC.
Added option to disable the speed sensor.
Added TPS based table lookup.
Added navigation keys to the graph window



Fixed rpm and load index changes not re-loading.



Changed air temperature compensation so that the index (temperature) can be altered.
Added a slider to change the idle valve duty cycle feedback proportional adjustment.
Added drag and drop for datalogging recordings.
Load and rpm indices may now be edited.
Table columns and rows may be selected by clicking on the topmost row or leftmost column.
Added window buttons to the toolbar.
Added calibrations (TSX with JRSC, RSX with Toda headers, RSX with ITBs, RSX with Crower Stage 2 cams)
Added individual buttons on the Table Window toolbar for selecting tables.
Added a log file for troubleshooting purposes.



Fixed PNF (US Civic Si) starting & datalogging issue



Added lean protection
Added lambda overlay display



Added idle target lambda
Added USB drivers for PIDs 6001 and 6006



Fixed PNF (US Civic Si) starting issue



Added a command to reinstall the USB driver (on the help menu)
Added a shift cut for sequential transmissions
Fixed print function for datalog graphs and ECU tables



Added the option to disable error P0341 (camshaft range/performance)
Added the option to invert the nitrous arming switch.
Added the option to disable engine cold ignition retard.
Upgraded USB drivers to 1.6.20



Fixed non-stock MAP sensor information not saving in calibration.
Added TSX, Si JRSC and Si Greddy calibrations.



Fixed division by zero error when switching off the engine and datalogging.
Removed target A/F atmospheric pressure compensation at full engine load.



Initialized high boost portion of calibrations.
Fixed 16-28 lb boost portion of base and Civic calibrations not being displayed.



Added support for non-stock MAP sensors.
Improved the upload algorithm which detects which parts of the ECU memory needs to be re-written during an upload.
Fixed knock threshold not datalogging for PND ECUs



Fixed help->contents crashing application
Change boost cut so that it is removed when engine speed drops below 2000 rpm or the throttle is released (previously rpm and MAP was used)
Removed used options (some units, display size).
Added engine overheating protection.
Added the option to disable iVTEC
Prevent the use of % symbols in the notes field.
Validate air temperature compensation when loading calibration.
Added two cybernation calibrations.



Make sure update file is created in the correct directory
Force the use of a comma as the list separator and dot as the decimal point to prevent European language users from generating an error when loading calibrations.
Fixed problem in display window where injector duration would not display
Fixed missing help file problem
Fixed idle speed glitch.



Update ECU type every upload



Remove fuel correction when switching to open loop under high load
Added boost cut
Added European Civic Type R support
Added stock K24 Accord calibration (using PNF Civic Si ECU)



Improved datalogging speed
Added an error message for errors while uploading



Added the option to disable the secondary intake runner control on base RSX (PND) ECUs
Added support for the US Civic Si
Fixed problem with highlight area on 2D ignition tables while datalogging
Added the command the export datalog files.
Fixed problem where current field in parameters window was not saved before upload.



Added support for the US base RSX
Add Close command to the Datalog menu
Fixed use of numeric keypad, negative and period keys in tables.
Changed hot keys for datalog and record to F10 & F9 respectively.



Altered intake air temperature compensation
Added nitrous status to datalog sensors



Fixed injector duration showing over 100% duty cycle
Added new pressure unit to display inches vacuum and psi boost
Added launch rev limiter



Added download calibration command.
Changed nitrous control so that fuel may be removed and ignition advanced (for alcohol injection).
Stop datalogging / recording when ignition switched off.
Fixed index out of range error.
Added calibration description.



Added more help.
Added the option to disable the fuel over-run cutoff delay.



Fixed idle speed not saving in calibration
Fixed disable P0134 not saving in calibration
Added calibrations



Fixed datalog resolution problem



Added the option to disable error P0134
Fixed problem where OBDII scan tools could not communicate



Updated JRSC 440 & 550 calibrations and Rev Hard calibration
Corrected nitrous input & output descriptions



Added the option to switch to open loop above a certain MAP



Added the option to disable error P1167
Added the option to flash the MIL when knock detected



Added undo.
Added some calibrations.
Added option for the table to follow VTEC and the cam angle.



Added context sensitive help
Fixed internet update



Added drag & drop to open calibration files.
Added association to open calibration and recordings from Windows Explorer.
Added Create Forced Induction Tables form.
Changed calibration extension from .kcd to .kal
Enabled fuel system status



Added option to disable VTEC oil pressure