Throttle Parameters

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TPS range


This allows the throttle position sensor to be adjusted or re-scaled to suit slight variations in TPS sensor position or range. The normal TPS voltage range is 0.50V (closed) to 4.50V (open).


Minimum reading - is the default TPS reading when the throttle is fully closed. The Set button


Maximum reading - is the default TPS reading when the throttle is fully open.


Read - reads from the ECU and then sets either the minimum or maximum throttle to the current TPS reading. When setting the minimum reading, ensure the throttle is fully closed, when setting the maximum, open the throttle fully. This should be not be done with the engine running.


Defaults - resets the minimum and maximum settings to standard defaults.



1. The minimum and maximum values are based on the default TPS range, and so will only be the same as the current TPS reading when the default TPS scale settings are in use.

2. This feature is not designed to correct a faulty TPS. The TPS must read at least 60% of the standard range.

3. If your TPS reads 100% when closed and 0% when open, re-pin the connector, swapping the VCC and GND pins.

4. If you generate TPS error codes then you have incorrect adjustments entered. Set the TPS settings to default, and re-adjust.


Tip In Fuel


When the throttle is opened rapidly extra fuel is injected to prevent the engine from running lean briefly.




TPS fuel tables specify how much extra fuel is injected based on the rate of throttle opening.



ECT compensation is an overall compensation to the extra fuel amount based on coolant temperature.



The decay rate specifies how long the extra fuel will be injected.  Higher values result in a shorter duration.