Sensor parameters

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AFM flow


This table contains the definition from AFM voltage to air flow.


Warning: This is an advanced table.  Normally a flow bench is used to determine the correct conversion values for this table. You can also tune this table by observing the fuel trims are different air mass flows.


The tune the AFM flow table you will need to analyze a datalog performed when the vehicle is warm and running in closed loop, changing the air flow for each table cell by the average fuel trim at that AFM voltage.


MAP Sensor

The stock MAP sensor can read approximately 1.7bar absolute pressure (about 10 lbs boost).  It is possible to use a Hondata 4 bar MAP sensor, which will read to approximately 40 lbs boost.  If you switch MAP sensors you do not need to re-tune any of the tables.



Speed Adjustment

The ECU receives a signal from a sensor in the transmission which senses the teeth of the countershaft 3rd gear.  The ECU then calculates a vehicle speed both for internal use and for transmission to the speedometer.


It is possible to adjust the speed for both the internal speed and dash speed. Positive values will increase the calculated/displayed speed; negative numbers will decrease it.