Searching Vault

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The Hondata Vault search window is accessible from the Window menu.




There are two types of search that may be performed.


Text Search


A text search will search for any of the search words in any of the calibration fields.  eg entering 'Stock' will return calibrations with stock injectors, stock intake, stock exhaust etc.



Filtered Search


A filtered search searches for calibrations which meet all of the search criteria.  eg entering 'B18C5' in Engine will return only calibrations which has B18C5 in the calibration details Engine field.



Calibration List


The search results are shown in a list.  Calibrations can be downloaded by double-clicking on the calibration entry.



Calibrations may be sorted by clicking on the column heading.  Clicking again on the column heading with reverse the sort order.  An arrow indicates the current sort column and order.