Cams and Hondata System, What to use?

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Cams and Hondata System, What to use?

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I am building a full tube chassis 3/4 scale road race car. It used to run a ZX-12 motorcycle engine in it. I am putting a 2003 S-2000 motor and transmission in it. I do not know anything about the "V-Tec" I have been told from one guy that the v-tec cams are not what I want for my application since they come on in the middle of a turn. What help can you give me on this. Cams, and Engine management for this car. It will weight about 1500 lbs when complete and I will run SCCA and PBOC Road races. Thanks, Brad
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VTEC is fine for road racing - the cams switch where the torque curves of the low speed and high speed cams overlap, so the transition is seamless. In any case it is fairly easy to keep the engine in the high cam the whole time.

For engine management, see