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New to the Forum, Flash pro Help.

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2022 10:28 am
by AviaTuned
Hey all! New to the forum so apologies if formatting or anything is incorrect. I have been using flashpro for awhile now with just a stock calibration and all the assists and traction control and whatnot turned off so the driveability is amazing but, I have seen multiple posts as an unregistered member on this about people getting E-Tunes through this site. I made my account to post this and I'm just wondering if and who offers this ETuning service and what kind of cost this would run me? I am from Eastern Canada and currently only have a K&N SRI (Might replace with CAI) and hondata. Full bolt ons is the eventual plan and further down the road a supercharger but I would like to maximize the capability of the vehicle in its current state. Thanks to anyone who reads!