K control 90% with 98 RON GAS ???

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K control 90% with 98 RON GAS ???

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In my datalogs im getting consistent K control 90% and a few minutes later goes to 75% but im running 98 RON oct from Shell V power.

My question is:
The gas from that gas station is crap?

Switching the numbers of the knock control table will fix this and keep my K control at 55% ?

Im getting K retard 10° in few spots almost in the same spot in the ignition table, is because of the K control or i should pull a little timing ?.
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Re: K control 90% with 98 RON GAS ???

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Start by pulling timing in the areas where the problem occurs, and if that has no effect then you may have bad fuel or there may be something rattling in the engine bay such as the exhaust on the subframe.
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